Living Earth Crafts celebrates 50 years in the spa industry

European Spa speaks exclusively with Erica Coble, vice-president of sales at renowned spa equipment manufacturer LEC


By Wendy Golledge

20 September 2023

Founded in 1973 by Tomas Nani, Living Earth Crafts (LEC) products marry sustainable manufacturing with comfort, function and style.

Guided by Nani’s founding principles, LEC manufactures treatment tables, mani and pedi stations, wellness loungers and other spa essentials.

As the company celebrates 50 years in the business, European Spa caught up with vice-president of sales, Erica Coble.

Two tearment beds in a spa treatment room with blue lighting
Living Earth Crafts produces a range of spa treatment room essentials

"We provide thoughtfully manufactured equipment with the therapist in mind, to help them join us on our mission to heal through touch. In each product we develop, we consider ease of operation, correct ergonomics, and unique options and accessories."

Erica Coble

Vice-president of sales, LEC

Which of the new spa trends we’that have emerged in the last 12 months do you think will stick, and why?

We are seeing more concepts around social spaces, encouraging social interactions through the spa. We’ve all seen communal relaxation areas, but now spas are bringing mini treatments into these spaces.

This, along with activation of the equipment in the lounge, is a trend we expect to see more of.

In an industry where touchless technology is ever growing, why is the power of touch still so important?

One of our guiding brand principles is ‘healing humanity through touch’. There is no substitute for the power of touch. Even with advancements in technology, human connectivity is therapeutic on its own.

In addition to technical training, a great therapist infuses empathy, compassion, intuition and adaptability into a treatment.

The success of a treatment is all dependant on the client-therapist connection. There’s a special coupling taking place during a treatment that cannot be replaced by technology.

What is one of the major challenges LEC has faced over the last few years and how have you adapted to meet it head on?

Inventory and supply chain management, not only during the pandemic, but afterwards, throughout the bounce back of the spa industry, has been a challenge.

We’re busier than ever. We’ve automated many of our processes and keep a close look at our clients demands and maintaining components to meet the high demand for our products.

A treatment couch in a room
LEC's Baia treatment couch

You say your mission is to fulfil your global responsibility… how do you do this in practice?

Living Earth Crafts is known for our reverence for the earth and sustainable manufacturing is at the heart of our culture.

From the minute our employees arrive at work, they are in an earth-friendly environment. Free electric vehicle charging is available; workstations are lit with low-voltage and LED lighting; we have intensive recycling processes throughout the factory and office, from paper and cardboard to glass and 100% of wood scrap.

In addition, our products are built with FSC, responsibly managed hardwoods, water-based glues and lacquers, CFC free foam and PU upholstery.

Pedicure treatment chairs in a row
The LEC Contour II

Tell us something about LEC that we might not know

We are a family of companies – Living Earth Crafts, Earthlite, Continuum and Tara Spa Therapy.

Between all of these sister companies, we cover the needs of the spa industry from franchises and fitness centres to medi spas and  the most luxurious spas in the world.

LEC’s recent spa partnerships include the Westin Denarau Island in Fiji, the Singapore Edition, the Peninsula, London and Foxhills Country Club in Surrey.

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