Palazzo Fiuggi medical wellness retreat launches genetic testing

By Wendy Golledge


By Wendy Golledge

19 September 2023

Italian medical wellness retreat Palazzo Fiuggi has introduced new genetic testing options to its offering.

In collaboration with world-renowned geneticist Professor Giuseppe Novelli, Palazzo Fiuggi’s new SPG Project will allow guests to identify their individual risks of developing several diseases. These include cancer, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease.

The SPG Project is being run with the Laboratory of Medical Genetics of the Department of Biomedicine and Prevention at the University of Rome TorVergata alongside the Tor Vergata Polyclinic.

A hotel building and outdoor pool
Palazzo Fiuggi opened its doors in May 2021 following a complete transformation of the Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte

Early disease detection and prevention

The innovative project allows early detection of diseases in order to put specific individual preventative measures in place.

This new approach to genetic testing aligns with Palazzo Fiuggi’s vision of rejuvenating and maintaining wellbeing, health and longevity.

“Palazzo Fiuggi is the only medical retreat offering this unique type of genetic analysis led by world-renowned geneticist Prof. Giuseppe Novelli,” says Dr Marco Infante, medical spa vice-director at Palazzo Fiuggi.

“The rationale of this new programme is to offer guests genetic consultation and analysis of specific genetic variants, based on their family and personal medical history. This type of testing is crucial for achieving our overall goal of healthy longevity.”

Woman suspended on exercise machine in VR headset
Icaros VR at Palazzo Fiuggi

A 360-degree genetic analysis

Prof. Giuseppe has a wealth of experience in genetic variations associated with the risk of developing complex and multifactorial diseases.

Genetic testing includes a saliva test and a 360-degree analysis to examine guests’ DNA and identify mutations that are associated with genetic or hereditary diseases.

The SPG Project also provides information to guests on their body’s response to medications and specific nutritional requirements.

Genetic risk is calculated based on family analysis and nutrigenomics, which combines genetic research with personalised diets.

Man in suit wearing red tie and glasses
Professor Giuseppe Novelli

The Palazzo Fiuggi approach offers guests unique programmes with precisely tailored treatments, fusing holistic traditions with advanced traditional Western medicine.

In Fiuggi, known for its unique healing powers of its waters since the early 14th century, everything is born from its water. The water of Fiuggi is therefore incorporated into every programme and is a key component of the overall experience.

Owned and run by the Sardinian-based Forte Village team, Palazzo Fiuggi is located just 50 minutes from Rome.

It’s offer is a culmination of years of scientific and medical research, innovative protocols development and a team of experts learning how to strengthen one’s immune system and cellular regeneration of the body and mind, to maximise your health and wellbeing.

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