The Ranch Italy launches four-day 'wellness reset' retreat at Palazzo Fiuggi

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

27 September 2022

The Ranch Italy is to launch a new condensed version of its week-long fitness programme at the Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Medical Retreat in Italy. 

Launching on December 1, the four-day programme is designed to jump-start personal wellness journeys and is aimed at solo travellers, time-poor individuals who are looking to improve their overall wellbeing but can’t commit to a full week, and those looking to reset their health and wellness.

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The Ranch Italy 4.0

Running from Thursday to Monday, The Ranch Italy 4.0 programme is said to provide a complete picture of health and wellbeing. Guests will gain a more thorough understanding of their health with medical consultations and diagnostic and blood testing. 

It will be limited to just 25 guests, with a daily schedule that mirrors that of The Ranch Malibu’s signature no-options programme. Each day includes a four-hour guided morning hike and designated nap times, as well as afternoon yoga and strength, core training sessions and daily massage. 

The Ranch Italy 4.0
The retreat is designed to jumpstart personal wellness journeys

Wellness reset

The rigorous retreat promises to leave guests feeling rested and rejuvenated with a greater sense of self, while having lost fat and inches. 

It is complemented by a nutritionally dense, plant-based menu created by The Ranch Malibu’s executive chef Meredith Haaz and prepared by Palazzo Fiuggi’s chef Heinz Beck. Meals are enjoyed as a group in a private dining room overlooking the mountains.  

Elective education sessions, covering topics such as nutrition, complete the programme offering. 


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