Abigail James creates exclusive at-home ritual for Swissline

Swissline partners with renowned facialist to offer authentic at-home spa experience

By Lauren Heath-Jones

26 September 2022


Swissline has partnered with renowned facialist and skincare expert Abigail James to develop a bespoke facial ritual. 

Aiming to extend the benefits of a spa treatment and offer an authentic at-home spa experience, the ritual incorporates three of the brand’s Cell Shock products, including new additions: Cell Shock Collagen Balm Cleanser and Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Night Cream, as well as its Cell Shock Facial Boosting-Essence.

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Facial massage

Formulated with marine collagen, soy proteins and a trio of amino acids, the Cell Shock Collagen Balm-Cleanser is designed to gently cleanse the skin of makeup and pollutants without stripping it. It features a melting texture, ideal for facial massage. 

Additionally, the new Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Night Cream is an overnight treatment that replenishes the skin at a cellular level while the wearer sleeps. It features hydrolysed marine collagen and several peptides, including messenger peptide and palmitoyl tripeptide-1 to promote collagen renewal. 

Bespoke facial ritual 

Swissline has created a step-by-step video showcasing the regime. The video will launch across the brand’s social media, website and training app in October 2022, However, the company teased the video with an IG Live hosted by James and Swissline’s global brand director Custodio d’Avo on September 20. 

“There isn’t a magic trick for good skin. It’s a whole body approach,” said James. 

“Never underestimate the power of a good face massage. Therapists’ hand skills can’t be beaten… The physical impact of massage on your skin – easing muscle tension, supporting the lymph system – and what that does to your nerve receptors is so beneficial. 

“This ritual stimulates blood flow and rejuvenates. Because Swissline’s products all have a high-end luxurious feel, it’s easy to lose yourself in the ritual and switch off.”

Swissline x Abigail James
The ritual incorporates three of Swissline's Cell Shock products

A moment of self-care

“This represents a moment of self-care that, without exception, all of us would benefit from. Our lives are increasingly chaotic, having nurturing time for ourselves is vital for our emotional balance and reducing stress,” she continued.

“Caring for our mental health is essential for our skin. If something embarrasses you, you blush – that’s how physically connected our minds are to our skin – so think about the impact of stress.

“The fact this ritual uses Swissline’s Collagen Balm-Cleanser means it’s not an extra chore, it’s just part of what you do already.”


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