Living Earth Crafts: An expert guide to treatment couches

Based in California, USA, Living Earth Crafts has been a forerunner in treatment couch innovation since 1973. European Spa talks to the company's vice-president of sales, Erica Coble, about what it can offer spas and how its products can enhance the spa experience for guests



By European Spa

05 October 2022

What makes your equipment unique?

LEC’s ergonomic wellness equipment is designed for years of quiet, reliable, trouble-free use, featuring state-of-the-art electronics, industrial-grade motors, the world’s finest hardwoods and commercial grade materials and finishes. Our products are made at our factory in Vista, California and are rigorously tested and backed by one of the industry’s best global warranties.

As a highly recognised manufacturer of premium spa and wellness equipment since 1973, LEC has led the industry in product innovation by marrying sustainable manufacturing, comfort, function and style. LEC has been voted ‘Favorite Treatment Table Manufacturer’ by American Spa readers an unprecedented total of 12 times.

"Options that were once considered amenities are now standard in many tables so if you leave it too long between upgrades your spa may fall behind in its ability to provide guests with the level of comfort and expertise they demand."

Erica Coble

Vice-president, sales, Living Earth Crafts

What should spa operators look for when choosing new treatment room equipment?

Comfort, function and style. It’s also important to invest in multipurpose tables that help you to streamline and simplify your operations. For example, our Thermasoft Dual-Zone Embedded Table Warmer increases the ease with which sanitisation can be performed, which in turn provides quick room turnarounds.

LEC also offers a wide range of adjustable heights – from the lowest true measure offerings to the industry’s largest. Multipurpose trolleys with steamers and magnifying lamps included are another invaluable and functional example of our treatment room equipment.

The NuWave S Lounger from Living Earth Crafts

Why is multifunctionality so important when selecting a treatment couch?

We understand spas and their treatment menus, and we know our equipment is a tool to help them deliver multifaceted treatments that can maximise room revenue and flexible bookings. All our multipurpose tables achieve this goal.

Our versatile designs enable a broad range of spa and medi-spa treatments in a single room. LEC’s tables and loungers can be utilised for a host of modalities, from massage and aesthetic treatments to lashes, waxing, stretching and more.

Five reasons to invest with Living Earth Crafts

1. An industry-best warranty

Treatment room furniture is a major investment and for business peace of mind you need to know that your supplier is there to support you.


2. Comfort, function and style

LEC products have been voted ‘Favorite Treatment Table Manufacturer’ by American Spa readers 12 times.


3. Multifunctional assistance

Our versatile designs enable a broad range of spa and medi-spa treatments in a single room.


4. Improved therapist wellbeing

The incorporation of wired and wireless controls means your spa team is freed up to focus on delivering the best personal service to their clients.


5. Constant innovation

Wellness technology is evolving as rapidly as demand for treatments is growing, so it’s vital that you choose a supplier that offers state-of-the-art equipment.

How do your products contribute to the wellbeing of therapists?

All of our equipment is designed with the therapist in mind. Ease of use for day-to-day operations is vital, so therapist ergonomics are at the heart of our designs. Warming drawers embedded in our cabinetry provide easy access for therapists utilising towels and stones during treatments.

We also incorporate both wired and wireless hand and foot controls to assist with seamless table operation. Anti-entrapment sensors are incorporated to protect therapists’ feet, while foot pedals allow therapists to concentrate on their clients without manual distraction.

Tell us about some of the innovations you are developing for your spa partners?

LEC’s Mind-Sync Harmonic Sleep Lounger is an unattended, zero-gravity treatment lounger designed to support stress and anxiety reduction and enhance restorative sleep states. The Mind-Sync Lounger combines clinically tested vibro-acoustic sound therapy with perfect zero-gravity positioning for accelerated guest restoration.

Living Earth Crafts' Mind-Sync Harmonic Sleep Lounger is designed to reduce anxiety and enhance restorative sleep states

Six total immersion programmes between 25-60 minutes long utilise four powerful, full spectrum transducers to flow Quantum Harmonic sound waves through the body. Meanwhile, noise-dampening headphones deliver two channels of proprietary brainwave entrainment frequencies. Masked by gentle music and nature sounds, these help override our sympathetic nervous system, responsible for the fight or flight response, moving clients to the more relaxed para-sympathetic control.

Living Earth Crafts' Insignia Classic

Perfect for before and after spa and wellness treatments, the Mind-Sync lounger offers significant unattended revenue potential as both an add-on or stand-alone service and is perfect for use in relaxation areas and/or dedicated treatment rooms.

How do your products enhance the guest experience?

The spa client’s comfort is essential, and our luxurious, generous cushioning systems along with our distinctive Caress and Flex-Rest face cradle platforms ensure ultimate guest satisfaction. The optional Thermasoft Dual-Zone Embedded Table Warmer also keeps guests feeling cosy and warm to further enhance their satisfaction.

How important is it for spas to keep their treatment room furniture up to date?

With advances in technology and optional upgrades, treatment equipment has become more sophisticated. Options that were once considered amenities are now standard in many tables so if you leave it too long between upgrades your spa may fall behind in its ability to provide guests with the level of comfort and expertise they demand. Also, as the definition of wellness broadens, equipment to serve expanded treatment offerings is continually evolving, so it is important to stay up to date.

Living Earth Crafts' Insignia Waverly
Living Earth Crafts' Insignia Waterfall
Living Earth Crafts' Insignia Modern
Living Earth Crafts' Insignia Horizon

What new products are you most excited to have introduced to the market?

We have so many innovative offerings, including: the Insignia Multipurpose Treatment Table Collection; the sustainable replaceable Strata Cloudfill mattress; our ‘intelligent’ anti-entrapment Flo-Tech actuators; the Mind-Sync Harmonic Sleep Lounger; and our NuWave and NuWave S Loungers. We are constantly developing new products to serve the spa and wellness market.

What trends do you predict will shape the future of spa treatment delivery?

There is ever-greater demand for comprehensive wellness experiences that address the body, mind and spirit – from product offerings to treatment journeys and beyond – and this evolution will remain a key driver in the development of spa treatment room equipment.


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