International wellness consultancy Glowing Flow debuts to meet global demand

European Spa speaks exclusively to award-winning Italian spa and wellness consultants Patrizia Bortolin and Stefano Battaglia, about the debut of Glowing Flow, a revolutionary approach for leading spa and hospitality destinations


By Sarah Camilleri

12 July 2022

With wellness travel on the rise as a key growth area for hospitality, there are many ways to deliver wellness experiences, yet most hotels and resorts do not have the skillset or the vision to execute authentic programming or retreats that are now in hot demand.

Answering a need for higher standards and experience, two of the world’s leading spa industry consultants have announced what has been billed as “the first Wellness Specialist hub”.

Glow Flow is “dedicated to the development of innovative tailored wellness concepts and the further enrichment of wellness professionals across the international spa, wellness and hospitality sector”.

Led by co-founders Patrizia Bortolin and Stefano Battaglia, both of whom are renowned for their Italian ‘wellness style’ which infuses their approach to life, relationships, beauty, health, and wellbeing, the new consultancy can offer bespoke 360-degree wellness project management, marketing strategies, team coaching and creative brainstorming.

Picture of Patrizia Bortolin in a white flowing top on a sunny day with a large tree in the background
Glowing Flow co-founder Patrizia Bortolin

Glowing Flow: a wellness specialist hub

With a mission to develop transformational wellness concepts rooted in creativity, healing and sustainability wellness, Bortolin and Battaglia are seeking to provide wellness and hospitality investors with the concepts and skills to deliver “a much deeper integration of wellness within the overall holiday experience, and a greater interaction with the destination itself”.

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As today’s travellers are seeking more authentic and meaningful travel experiences, as well as new, more sustainable ways to enhance their wellbeing, Glowing Flow promises to provide bespoke wellness solutions for investors looking to develop successful wellness programming and retreats.

Bortolin offers a proven track record of delivering memorable unique wellness concepts at iconic properties including Borgo Egnazia in Puglia Italy and the iconic Euphoria Retreat, Greece. Mostly recently the extraordinary new “Preidlhof Way” transformational retreat programmes now available at the much celebrated Preidlhof spa resort in the South Tyrol, Italy.

Glowing Flow co-founder Stefano Battaglia

Next-level wellness

Glowing Flow’s new wellness services are available for all investors looking for ‘next level wellness’.

Patrizia Bortolin told European Spa: “My love for the world of spas, my passion for hotels and the culture and beauty of travel inspired me to open a business in which I can focus on what really matters – that which makes the wellness holiday of contemporary travellers truly authentic.

“In designing a unique and creative concept tailored to the place in which it is located with a different wellness philosophy for each property, one that is always sustainable, poetic, harmonious and unforgettable.”

Looking to create next level wellness?

Glowing Flow is available for those looking to carve a distinctive wellness identity:


Hotel owners interested in creating a truly sustainable and innovative wellness offering with the highest level of customer care. Similarly, those looking to redesign or refresh existing spas and create memorable spa menus, treatments, and retreats.


Hotel groups and corporates looking to expand their luxury hospitality offering with a versatile wellness proposal. These may be projects led by international investors, or corporate hotel groups lacking a distinctive wellness concept or identity and in search of well-known names or unique experiences that are tailor made and wholly unique to them.



Spa consultants and architects looking for a new wellness identity for their customers, or support in creating spaces and structures that are transformative and engaging with greater insight into body dynamics and how guests interact with spaces and environments.


Spa directors looking to improve sales, to boost team performance and fulfillment, attract and retain talent. To design unforgettable experiences for customers, to refresh or enhance the existing offering, and to ensure happiness is front and centre of team strategy, not only for customers.


Wellness companies and cosmetic brands wanting to integrate elements of holistic wellbeing in their products and create experiences for hotel spas tailored to operators and customers.

Bortolin is a globally acclaimed wellness advisor and spa designer with a highly successful track record leading medical spas, spa destinations and luxury spa hotels, and a proven ability to design, develop and launch wellness concepts, retreats, treatments and unique products.

Leading light in wellness

Glowing Flow co-founder Stefano Battaglia is a leading light in the field of regenerative wellness, recognised among the “5 Best Healers in the World” by Tatler Spa Guide 2020. In addition to his deep repertoire of holistic and healing techniques, Battaglia is a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, and an experienced spa trainer.

“Joining me on this journey are the most extraordinary individuals, the best-in-field experts, healers, practitioners, and therapists that I have encountered over the years. They truly are the finest, starting with Stefano Battaglia, a pioneer of emotional and mental wellbeing in the spa sector and a source of constant inspiration. All are highly committed, collaborators who exude excellence and care in all areas necessary to create the new wellness,” confirms Bortolin.

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