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Preidlhof debuts creative retreat and announces launch of new thermal water experiences

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

24 January 2022

Preidlhof, a holistic wellbeing destination spa in South Tyrol, Italy, has launched a new retreat aimed at creatives, looking to free their minds and lead a more ‘conscious and stimulating life’. 

The four, six and ten-day Transformation Journey Retreat was developed by wellness and happiness life coach Patrizia Bortolin, who also serves as Preidlhof’s wellness alchemist and spa concept designer.

The programme was inspired by new research into synaesthesia – the joining or merging of senses that aren’t normally connected – combined with holistic techniques and ancient eastern wisdom to help guests reconnect with their bodies and environments to transform their health and wellbeing.

The retreat was developed for those looking to lead a more 'conscious and stimulating life'

It was created in partnership with several wellness artists  and is aimed at ‘those seeking inner transformation, expansion, prosperity and greater awareness’. 

The retreat begins with four different types of massage to stimulate several senses at the same time. These include the Aroma-massage: body and psyche, 46-degrees Parallel, Colour Massage and Water Awake Massage. Following each experience, guests receive a small creative gift; on the longer retreats they are given an interactive booklet to be completed throughout their experience. 

Also available are water experiences, ‘apple journeys’, forest bathing and a massage ritual in the spa’s innovative Deep Sea Room, as well as sleep yoga sessions and a sound experience that combines massage, Tibetan bells, gongs and voices.

The retreat includes a massage experience inside the resort's innovative Deep Sea Room

Thermal water experiences 

In addition, Preidlhof has announced the launch of several new thermal water and wellness experiences at the spa. 

The experiences form part of a €2 million five-year independent community initiative led by the local hospitality industry, and encompass an 80sqm indoor pool and several private whirlpool baths containing mineral-rich water sourced from a 400-year-old spring located beneath Juval Castle, in the nearby village of Naturns. 

New spa experiences include private bathing, inspired by Merano bathing rituals, which combine detoxifying or restorative bath oil blends with mineral-rich whirlpool baths.

“Preidlhof offers what I consider to be all the essential components of serious wellness: authentic healers, hot and cold therapies, a regenerative natural location, healing food and now thermal water.”

Patrizia Bortolin

Spa concept designer and wellness alchemist, Preidlhof

“With the latest investment and introduction of thermal water, Preidlhof offers what I consider to be all the essential components of serious wellness: authentic healers, hot and cold therapies, a regenerative natural location, healing food and now thermal water,” Bortolin said. 

“These past two years we’ve really established our new healing philosophy, The Preidlhof Way, developed consistency, authenticity and synergies.

“I’m a big fan of thermal water and I’ve previously managed important medical thermal destinations. The enjoyable, relaxing, conceptual, spiritual value of thermal baths is going to be our primary focus at Preidlhof, and we will offer these in combination with local bath products to detox, drain, re-energise or provide beautifying effects.

“A new medical thermal water programme is also in development and we look forward to sharing more in the coming months,” she added.

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