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Breathwork: How it can benefit your spa and your clients

In the refreshed Wellness Matters section of European Spa magazine's Spring edition, we take a deep breath and explore the benefits of this increasingly popular therapy


European Spa magazine has long been a valuable source of information when it comes to the wide variety of wellness trends and developments that sweep the globe, and our latest, refreshed edition continues to provide an overview of the latest and most popular modalities and developments.

Our new-look Wellness Matters section begins with an exploration of breathwork, which is currently a hot topic worldwide as people – and spa guests in particular – look for ways to centre themselves and achieve a sense of calm and control.

Referencing leaders in the field from ‘The Iceman’ Wim Hof to behavioural psychologist Dr Peter Litchfield, we also outline how spa brands including ESPA are incorporating this physically and psychologically beneficial practice into their treatment protocols.

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