Italy's Preidlhof announces transformational wellness programmes

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

19 August 2021


Preidlhof in the Italian South Tyrol has introduced a series of transformational wellness programmes and retreats under the direction of award-winning spa director and transformational wellness coach, Patrizia Bortolin. Following months of research, she has expanded the wellness concept she designed for Preidlhof: ‘The Preidlhof Way’ with her hallmark  ‘Glowing Flow Lifestyle’ philosophy integrating medicine, holistic experiences and spiritual well-being.

The concept is based on the latest neuroscience research which embraces two types of wellbeing: hedonic and eudaimonic. Aiming to bring balance between the two, eudaimonic wellbeing is said to be achieved when one confronts one’s past, with healing while striving to reach a higher purpose with the community. In eudaimonic wellbeing, learning and introspection are valued, and health care and prevention are addressed. Hedonic wellbeing is said to be experienced in joy, in beauty and feelings of release and unbridled self expression.

“The aim is to help our guests to attain true well-being through a hedonistic approach to the present and a more eudaimonic approach to the past and future.”

Patrizia Bortolin

Spa director, spa designer and transformational wellness coach, Preidlhof

Each Retreat is highly personalised, the guest experience tailored according to the goals of the individual guest, their stage in life and what he or she is ready to integrate.  Bortolin guides each guest in their emotional, physical and spiritual journey, assisted by Preidlhof’s team of healers.

Retreat guests can also enjoy a programme of mindfulness classes, dance therapy, barefoot meditation, yoga nidra, laughter yoga, Dao Yin yoga, cosmetic rejuvenation, forest bathing, therapy rituals, purification with alpine herbs and colour therapy.

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Preidlhof retreats balance hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing

Preidlhof's transformational retreats

Preidlhof offers twelve Transformational Retreats to stimulate guests physically, energetically, spiritually, psychologically, socially and emotionally.  Three of the new retreats are:


‘Energy Healing for Two’ Retreat

A five-day journey combining individual healing experiences with sessions to be shared as a couple, with a close friend or family  to ceate a new more playful energy. Treatments are designed to improve self-awareness and are combined with massage and sensory training, with time also to rest and reconnect with nature.


‘Glowing Flow’ Retreat

Internationally renowned Stefano Battaglia’s healing abilities come to the fore in this dedicated five-day retreat, combining mindfulness, trauma healing and refined techniques to tap into the inner soul. Battaglia was named one of the ‘Top Healers in the World’ by Tatler Spa Guide 2020. His individual Glowing Flow session was also named ‘Holistic Treatment of the Year’ at the Destination Deluxe Awards 2020.


‘Menopause’ Retreat

A six-day retreat and time for reflection, reconciliation and self-discovery to find new joy, increase energy and rekindle a spirit of adventure.  Ancient and contemporary healing treatments led by Battaglia, combine with the initiation of flow energy with Martin Kirchler, a specialist in ancient healing methods.

Be transformed...

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