Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park launches Oskia cryotherapy wellness

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London has enhanced its wellness offering with the introduction of Oskia’s Cryo Wellness Facial experience


By Wendy Golledge

01 April 2023

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London has enhanced its wellness offering with the introduction of Oskia’s Cryo Wellness Facial experience.

Exclusive to The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, clients can book either a 60 or 90-minute Oskia Cryo Wellness Facial experience.

Designed in partnership with wellness expert Julie Cichocki, the treatments incorporate cryo, acupoints, movement and manipulation.

Cryotherapy enhances rebuilding and repairing processes within cells

Refine, sculpt and detox

European Spa met Jamie Pagan, senior director of spa and wellness at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London to find out more.

“These treatments harness the radical biological benefits of temperatures as low as -30˚C to stimulate, refine, sculpt, detox, de-puff and immediately rejuvenate skin,” says Pagan.

“The use of tech is a trend spas can’t escape. We wanted to update our cosmeceutical offer and cryo is results-driven with some serious research behind it.”

“We added the vagus nerve work and compression therapy as its efficacious but non-invasive. We’re not interested in anything invasive.”

Jamie Pagan

Senior director of spa and wellness, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Supporting the lymph system

Cryo has an anti-bacterial effect, it can reduces tiredness, relieve joint and muscle pain and help reduce migraines.

“Cryotherapy stimulates the lymph flow and helps to expel more toxins. This helps to support the immune system and reduces inflammation within the body,” adds Pagan.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

“During the pandemic customers learned more about skincare than ever before,” says Holly Webster, head of spa at Oskia. “They’re now looking for treatments that can support them deeper into their individual wellness journey.

“Oskia will always offer the hands-on holistic treatments – nothing can replace the importance of human touch – but our advanced treatments take client’s on an enlivening journey.”

The exclusive partnership will be expanded in the autumn with the addition of an all-encompassing body treatment.

Inside the treatments…

The 60-minute Oskia Sub-Zero is a bio-hacking cryotherapy facial, incorporating a clinic-grade cryo unit that delivers pure, condensed air at -30C and includes a dynamic facial and scalp massage.


The 90-minute Oskia -30C Vagus Re-Programming facial also incorporates a sense-heightening experience on the back, neck, face and scalp.


Cryo-blasts stimulate the body’s longest cranial nerve as well as the main component of the parasympathetic nervous system – the vagus nerve.


The cryotherapy incorporates lymph manipulation and sculptural massage to further stimulate and support the body’s natural detoxifying processes.

A year of change

Leading the progressive charge, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London has also launched a new children’s treatment menu.

Available for youngsters aged five and over, special treatments include crystal singing bowl classes, the Oskia Young-Skin Facial and mini massages.

The business of personalisation

“Wellness is increasingly about community, which is something you can’t force. It’s got to be done with integrity,” says Pagan. “We’re building a new community activation offering with Zen Running Club later this spring and we’re blending different modalities.

“Spa is one thing. Fitness another. And wellness is something else.

“We’re trying to create something that supports each modality. Our visiting practitioner programme has added expertise and value to our offering – we’ve now added a reiki practitioner, osteopath Gary Trainer and a TCM practitioner.

“We’re in the business of personalisation; these visiting practitioners really help us understand who’s on that couch.”

Oskia treatments are part of the drive for personalisation at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

A treatment with instant results

“What struck me about this treatment was how instant the results were – and how invigorated I felt afterwards,” says European Spa’s news editor, Wendy Golledge.

“There was no post treatment slump, or that foggy feeling so often associated with deep relaxation. Unlike other facials, I also didn’t experience any breakouts or post-treatment skin purging – just smooth, plump skin.

Wendy Golledge

"I felt wide-awake, my skin looked wide-awake and the results lasted for days."

Wendy Golledge

News editor, European Spa magazine

“Proof my lymphatic system had been activated came later in the day, when I was compelled to drink litres of water to quench my thirst.

“An all round winning treatment to add a results-driven slant to any treatment menu.”

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