Movementum makes UK debut at Mandarin Oriental London

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

25 January 2022

Movementum has launched its premium wellness concept in the UK with the opening of a new studio in the spa at Mandarin Oriental London. 

The Movementum Studio, which opened in January, combines the experience of a fitness studio with that of a spa, offering innovative spa rituals and functional treatments, as well as Covid-safe small group and one-to-one classes, underpinned by its premium natural product range. 

The product collection, which will be available for purchase from spring 2022, consists of movement-enhancing body oils and balms, as well as a space-enhancing diffuser. 

Movementum's first UK studio has opened at the spa at the Mandarin Oriental London

Movementum empowers people over their health

The concept, designed to empower people to take control of their health through the power of movement, is based on the Movement Health Enhancement System developed by a team of experts, led by founder Stephen Price. This aims to cover every aspect of physical literacy, health and wellness, as well as to help improve confidence, motivation, strength, control and increase neurological function, help prevent injury and support rehabilitation. 

The development team included celebrity trainer and wellness expert, David Higgins; breath, mindfulness and yoga expert, Liz Lark; leading physiotherapist, Tobina Wilson; lifestyle behaviour change specialist Heather McGee; and the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health’s head of Service for Sports Medicine, Professor Matthew Wilson.

The Movementum concept combines the experience of a spa with that of a fitness studio

“Movementum is the first wellness brand with a clear focus on empowering people to control their own health through enhancing movement,” said founder Stephen Price. 

“Whilst there are products from many existing brands that can offer some similar benefits, no one brand has aggregated these products together and developed a system where the product range has been developed specifically to focus on movement with the additional bonus of being supported by a premium studio and treatment offering.

“I’m hugely excited to be bringing this to the market and helping people improve their quality of life by reaching their optimum movement health.

“Movementum aims to be the first spa solution – treatments, studio and products – that comes from a heritage of physical activity.”

Stephen Price

Founder, Movementum

“To be able to launch our first studio and product range at Mandarin Oriental London is a real game-changer at the forefront of wellness innovations for quite some time and their holistic approach to wellness truly sets them apart. It’s an honour to be part of their offering.”

Speaking exclusively to European Spa, Price added: “The Movementum ecosystem is borne from 20 years working within the spa industry. Even though it’s commonly agreed that moving more is better for you I’ve always felt the magnitude of its impact on both mental and physical health is still not quite acknowledged enough.

Movementum was developed to empower people to take control of their health through the power of movement

“The spa industry is a perfect voice to champion this message. Through unique environments, exceptional teams and professional delivery the spa industry have a fantastic opportunity to thread the evidence-based message of movement into the DNA of their offerings, creating moments that are genuine catalysts for health change.

“I’m really excited to see how Movementum can fit alongside existing spa concepts as well as in its own standalone venues. Through our… professional community, we cannot wait to collaborate with therapists and trainers in all areas of the spa industry to promote and empower mental and physical health through movement.”

“Movementum perfectly complements our existing offering, and we are delighted to be the first five-star London spa partner to deliver Movementum treatments, classes and products”

Jamie Pagan

Director of Spa & Wellness, Mandarin Oriental London

Jamie Pagan, director of spa and wellness at Mandarin Oriental London, told European Spa:  “An innovative range of curated products, treatments and programmes by Movementum perfectly complements our existing spa offering and will provide our valuable guests unparalleled wellness experiences and a newfound sense of both mind and body empowerment.

 “We are fully committed to continually enhancing our world-leading spa, fitness and wellness offering here at Mandarin Oriental London.

“To partner with Stephen and his incredible team to launch this new category of wellness is hugely exciting for us. It perfectly complements our existing offering, and we are delighted to be the first five-star London spa partner to deliver Movementum treatments, classes and products.”

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