Gharieni Group announces partnership with Yon-Ka Paris

The deal will unite French skincare with state-of-the-art German-made spa and wellness technology

France and Germany

By Wendy Golledge

19 December 2023

Gharieni Group, which supplies spa and wellness beds, has joined forces with holistic phyto-aromatic skincare brand Yon-Ka Paris.

Together, they are setting out to revolutionise the wellbeing landscape by introducing a new era of multi-sensorial, technology-powered and results-driven experiences for the skin, mind and body.

Gharieni Group is an international brand known for its mind-body wellness technologies.

A family-owned, 100% French brand, laboratoires Multaler created Yon-Ka Paris’s phyto-aromatic skincare products in 1954.

“By blending Yon-Ka's expertise in holistic skincare with Gharieni's innovative mind body wellness technologies, we're setting new standards in the wellness industry, where beauty and technology converge to elevate every sensation and truly transform the wellness experience.”

Sammy Gharieni

Founder & CEO, Gharieni Group

Blending holistic wellness with technology

The collaboration between the two companies will see beauty and technology merge with a collective aim to blend the art of holistic wellness with cutting-edge technology, to enable partner spas to offer an elevated wellbeing experience.

A dedicated showroom has been established at Yon-Ka’s distribution and training centre in Rockaway in New Jersey, USA.

The showroom showcases Gharieni’s beds, creating a space where both brands can offer first hand equipment and product experiences to potential clients.

Gharieni has also equipped Yon-Ka’s training centre with a selection of its treatment beds and equipment.

Woman laying on back on treatment bed having massage
Gharieni's MLX Quartz bed offers an immersive alpha quartz experience

To further enhance their service, Gharieni will maintain an inventory in Yon-Ka’s distribution and warehouse centre.

Antoine Lamarche, CEO of Yon-Ka Paris, said: “We are embarking on a new era in wellness, where the journey goes far beyond skin deep.

“Together with Gharieni, we aspire to shape the future of wellbeing through multi-sensorial, technology-powered and results-driven experiences. This partnership symbolises the fusion of science and holistic expertise.”

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