Soma med offers new bespoke Ayurvedic spa village in Austria

The centre of Maharishi Ayurveda and holistic medicine combines the best of east and west in Austria


By Wendy Golledge

11 December 2023

Soma med, a medical centre for Maharishi Ayurveda and holistic medicine, has opened in Geboltskirchen in Upper Austria.

The brainchild of Dr Wolfgang Schachinger, Soma med is pitched as the ideal environment for health, vitality, regeneration and joy of life. Schachinger runs Soma med together with his wife and daughters.

A 150sqm medical spa, it focuses on health, offering unique combinations of ancient Ayurveda, traditional healing water treatments from the local thermal spring and scientifically based modern medicine.

A wood panelled hotel room with two beds
One of the five guests rooms | © Somamed

Bespoke Ayurvedic treatments

Soma is a term from Vedic literature, which describes the natural law that raises individual intelligence to the level of highest holistic development.

The Soma med village is surrounded by one of the largest contiguous forest areas in central Europe, the Kobernaußer or Hausruck forest.

Each Ayurvedic treatment is tailored to the guest, according to their constitutional type and clinical presentation. Soma med offers more than 25 different treatments, individually selected for each guest.

Smiling elderly man in a grey suit

"My spiritual teacher and mentor, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, inspired me to create Soma med. The individuality of the patient is of paramount importance in all Maharishi Ayurveda treatments."

Soma med founder

Dr Wolfgang Schachinger

Offering five guest rooms, decorated with Vedic architecture and energy theory, Soma med is deeply connected with Dr Schachinger’s family, who have lived locally for hundreds of years.

Construction has prioritised locally sourced of materials and the property creates energy from thermal streams at the edge of the property.

In the kitchen, selected Ayurvedic spices are paired with organic foods and fresh herbs directly from the somamed garden.

A brightly lit wooden clad spa reception area
Soma med's mission is to promote health | © Walter Luttenberger

Healing waters and traditional Ayurveda

Soma med’s thermal water treatments use the approved healing water of the Dreikönigsquelle Haag. There is also a room of silence for Transcendental Meditation.

There is an Ayurveda shop offering products from Maharishi Ayurveda and Biogena, and an Ayurveda kitchen serving regional organic meals.

Treatments include a traditional pancha karma cleanse, which consists of five forms of treatment to subject the body, mind and soul to a lasting purification and regeneration.

Smiling blonde woman in blue jumper

“Through the realisation of the Soma med centre, a suitable place was created to enliven the intelligent laws of nature. This environment helps holistic medicine snd therapeutic treatments from Maharishi Ayurveda to gently touch and stimulate the finer levels of consciousness and thereby promote health.”

Silvia Platzek

Resident spa manager

Offering regeneration and reflection

“Unique and personal are two terms that are very important in our house,” says Silvia Platzek, resident spa manager.

“Regeneration, reflection and creating value for your inner self are our main goals. Each treatment is tailored completely individually to the needs of the patient based on the pulse diagnosis and symptoms.

“Our individual and very personal approach in combination with our vedic building strategies offer health and regeneration on an deeper level than anywhere else.”

Soma med has recently been awarded three lilies by the Relax Guide. It is the only Ayurveda institution in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol to receive three lilies.

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