First glimpse of Eynsham Baths at Estelle Manor

The new spa is a place of ritual and indulgence inspired by the bathhouses of the Roman era


By Wendy Golledge

13 March 2024

Estelle Manor estate has opened its long-awaited new spa, Eynsham Baths.

Set in the ancient woodland of the 60-acre estate, Eynsham Baths is inspired by Roman bathhouses and has taken five years to create.

The neoclassical architecture is inspired by the Roman villa ruins discovered close to the estate. The design includes sculpted stone columns, pilasters and hand-shaped bricks.

Inspired by the Roman era

A grand mezzanine bathing hall is located at the centre of the baths and includes two cold plunge pools plus a Scottish bucket for an invigorating deluge of cold water.

A large marble-encased breathwork pool is partially open-air and anchored by a grand wood burning fireplace.

Deliberately private, the pool has views into the ancient woodland and provides the perfect location to observe the night sky and stars.

Two storey spa with Roman architecture
The neoclassical architecture is inspired by the Roman villa ruins which were discovered on the Estelle Manor estate

Six thermal areas and a hammam

The 3,000sqm spa is conceived as a labyrinth of intimate and social spaces. As well as the vast bathing hall with carved marble details, the spa has five thermal pools, a steam room and a hay sauna.

The marble-clad hammam hosts up to six people. It has a tadelakt plaster domed ceiling and a navel table in the centre, plus three traditional marble kurna basins.

The thermal journey moves guests between six different areas from a frigidarium 6°C) and a tepidarium (36°C) to a caldarium (40°C) and a hay sauna, featuring an open stove and baskets charged with natural English hay.

The team has drawn upon clinical research on thermodynamics and the proven benefits of cold water and contrast therapy from Dr Huberman and Dr Søberg.

Depending on guests’ state of need, there are two circuits designed to either energise and invigorate or calm and de-stress.

Model sitting against a pillar next to a pool
The giant bathing hall has carved marble details

There are 10 treatment rooms, including couples’ suites and thermal cabins, plus a lounge and an open-air hideaway and bar.

The open-air hideaway is a members-only space. Ideal for socialising as a group, with a hidden pool, it has a cascading waterfall surrounded by natural wildflowers and woodland ferns.

Treatments and rituals at Eynsham Baths

The spa is offering ancient rituals, informed by the world’s oldest philosophies of health and longevity. The rituals draw inspiration from ancient healing customs found within Indian, Tibetan and Chinese traditions.

Eynsham Baths is set in the ancient woodland of Estelle Manor's 60-acre estate in Oxfordshire

The Eynsham Baths signature facial works to redefine contours and release tension. The facial involves intricate nerve point therapy on the trigeminal nerve – the largest facial nerve – as well as a fusion of sculpting strokes, myofascial release, cranial holds and the gentle touch of a Kansa wand.

Massages include Marma Chikitsa with Chakra Healing, an ancient art that recalibrates the body’s Prana, resetting guests’ circadian rhythms and allowing them to truly decompress.

There is also an Indian Potli massage, incorporating the use of heated poultices, infused with ayurvedic herbs.

The five Koshas

Eynsham Baths has taken the principles of the five Koshas from ancient Indian wisdom and applied them to its treatments, products and music.

Other treatments include the Tibetan-inspired Ku Nye ­– a full-body massage, integrating stretching and acupressure techniques – and Chi Nei Tsang. Established in the mountain ranges of Taoist China, this treatment is performed on the abdomen, loosening ingrained, unhelpful emotions.

A collection of 30-minute enhancements can be added to treatments, from shirodhara to a Champi head and facial sculpting massage.

Estelle Manor is a country house hotel and private members’ club set in a Grade-II listed landmark house

Bespoke Eynsham spa products

Three years were spent formulating five different plant remedies for the spa’s product offering, under which a multitude of products have been created.

They are a form of natural medicine, informed by the wisdom of plants, which should never be underestimated. The products include an array of oils, silken balms, liniments, body scrubs, soaps and a very special face oil.

They are hand-blended and coaxed to life while mantras are played in the laboratory, the vibrations in these products are at the highest frequency.

Facials are provided by Skin Design London designer cosmeceuticals, while sward-winning brow expert Suman Jalaf will also offer custom brows services.

IV infusions will be available, offering  NAD+, a crucial coenzyme which can be found in every cell in the body.

Spa access, plus the guided thermal journey, is complimentary for Estelle members and £95 per person for hotel guests and Estelle members’ guests.

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