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ESPA Modern Alchemy launched at ESPA Life at Corinthia

Exclusive new ESPA Modern Alchemy rituals draw on ancient wisdom to meet modern wellness needs


By Mark Smith

29 March 2022

Three new ESPA Modern Alchemy rituals have launched exclusively at ESPA Life at Corinthia. The rituals utilise the potent ingredients in the Modern Alchemy range and draw on a range of ancient techniques and global traditions to meet the modern wellness needs of guests today.

ESPA Modern Alchemy rituals

Inspired by the harmonising rituals of ancient Ayurvedic healing, Chinese Medicine and shamanic practices, the ESPA Modern Alchemy concept has been designed to take the guest on a sensual journey of transformative textures and self-care rituals for the holistic rejuvenation of skin, body and mind.

“Spa treatments no longer purely focus on our body’s physical needs. They now seek to incorporate every aspect of our wellbeing from our emotions and moods to the spiritual. Consumers are seeking deeper, meaningful spa experiences and holistic journeys of rejuvenation,” explained Kristal Bull, head of technical innovation at ESPA.

Kristal Bull, Head of technical innovation at ESPA

“We researched ancestral medicinal ingredients and practises from around the world, that have stood the test of time because of their power to heal and bring inner calm.”

Kristal Bull

Head of technical innovation at ESPA

Techniques used in the Modern Alchemy Rituals include the use of jade rollers, foot bathing, crystals and moonstones as well as Yantra Cards to help guests set intentions for the treatment.

Drawing on ancient wisdom

Yantras are ancient geometrical patterns that are said to represent different forms of divinity. Contemplation and meditation on them is believed to have the power to offer transformational change.

The ESPA Modern Alchemy rituals also introduce innovative spa music which is designed to create a unique sense of place for the guest, taking them on a sonic journey that enhances the product efficacy and treatment protocols.

“The overall benefit of the Modern Alchemy treatments is a deeply sensorial treatment collection which gives transformative results – realigning the delicate balance between mind, body and soul,” said Nicola Baillie, head of product and treatment innovation at ESPA.

Nicola Baillie, Head of product and treatment innovation at ESPA

“The products use ingredients from traditional cultures and we wanted to follow this through into the inspiration for the treatments.”

Nicola Baillie

Head of product and treatment innovation at ESPA
ESPA Modern Alchemy rituals include foot rituals
Treatments begin with a foot washing ritual

The Modern Alchemy Harmonising Ritual

Influenced by the power and symbolism of the full moon, this deeply meditative journey is defined by the fluid circularity of its massage movements.

Foot washing rituals

Beginning with a foot-bathing ceremony that uses healing basalt magma stones, feet are gently cleansed with The Grounding Crystals. The Anointing Oil is smoothed onto the hands in slow circles, softening the skin as the guest slowly inhales its soothing aromatic scent.


Using the curvature of the Kansa wand, a time-honoured Indian tool believed to calm the nervous system, cycles of infinity flow over the body, creating a hypnotic rhythm that brings peace to the mind, freeing the guest from thoughts and feelings that no longer serve them.


The purifying scent of sage signals the end of your journey, slowly bringing awareness back to the surroundings and leaving the guest feeling relaxed.

Modern Alchemy uses a range of massage techniques
Modern Alchemy draws on ancient traditions and protocols

The Modern Alchemy Empowering Ritual

The wellness journey continues

This invigorating journey is influenced by the symbolism of the new moon, a lunar phase representing an awakening of the spirit that invites us to plant new desires and intentions.


After a cleansing foot bathing ceremony, using basalt magma stones and The Grounding Crystals, which fills the air with a soothing aromatic, attention moves to the rest of the body.


The Anointing Oil smooths and nourishes the skin, while swift massage movements flow from the left side to the right, balancing energy centres. The long linear strokes and firm pressure work on the base of the muscle tissue to release tension with an intensity enhanced by Green Jade rollers – a crystal venerated for centuries for its empowering properties.


The purifying scent of sage signals the end of the journey, slowly bringing awareness back to the surroundings and leaving the guest feeling uplifted and revitalised.

Modern Alchemy draws on ancient spa rituals
Soothing Shirodhara treatment in the Tranquillity Ritual

The Modern Alchemy Tranquillity Ritual

The start of this transformative journey is marked by placing a moonstone in the palm of the guest’s hand. Channeling the moon’s energy to encourage emotional equilibrium, this crystal symbolises the reassuring rhythm of the lunar cycle and the natural flow of night and day.


Cleansing begins with a foot bathing ceremony using The Grounding Crystals. The Purifying Polish is then applied to the whole body with a fluid symmetry, deeply harmonising for the skin and the mind. The creamy balm transforms into a smoothing exfoliator while the guest is gently massaged in even figure of eight movements to ease tension and release the scrub’s soothing aromatic blend.


After showering and changing into a warm pair of cotton pyjamas, the massage moves to the feet using a Kansa Bowl and The Nourishing Balm. Then, allowing energy to flow to the head, deep strokes move across your scalp, jawbone and behind the ears.


Finally, the focus travels to the third eye with a soothing Shirodhara treatment. The steady flow of warm oil streaming onto the forehead is renowned for its powerful effect and creates a profound sense of comfort and unity.


The purifying scent of sage signals the end of your journey, slowly bringing awareness back to the surroundings and leaving the guest feeling greater clarity and balance.


The treatments are £300 each and available at ESPA Life At Corinthia

Be calm...

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