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Modern Alchemy from ESPA

A collection of sensorial skincare inspired by sacred rituals and ancient healing modalities

By Mark Smith

05 June 2020

Taking inspiration from the harmonising, healing rituals of ancient Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and shamanism, the newly launched Modern Alchemy collection from ESPA combines transformative textures with self-care protocols to rejuvenate the skin, body and mind.

“The consumer has been looking for ways to have a greater sense of connection and compassion – toward themselves, others and the natural world,” explains ESPA’s general manager, Danny Golby.

“We have responded by creating Modern Alchemy as a cue to carve out small sanctuaries in your day that nourish and sustain the spirit. Each product in the collection is a tool for nurturing the body, easing the mind and surrendering to the present moment.”

A mix of natural ingredients combines with modern skincare technology in unique balm-to-oil and milk-to-oil textures, coupled with bespoke massage rituals to encourage the skin, body and mind to achieve a state of holistic balance.

“Modern Alchemy is a deeply sensorial collection of restorative rituals that realign the delicate balance between mind, body and soul… a luxury to cherish in today’s world.”

Danny Golby

General manager, ESPA

Each product, fragranced with an aromatic blend of ylang ylang, sandalwood and vetiver, helps to create a restorative ritual that nurtures skin and offers a moment of peace and tranquillity every day.

Blending essential oils and potent plant ingredients, the Modern Alchemy collection contains adaptogenic roots and herbs, which ground the body and enhance equilibrium, as well as mushroom extract to provide a sense of harmony and awareness.

The Modern Alchemy collection includes: Cleansing Milk, Purifying Polish, Anointing Bath & Body Oil, Nourishing Balm, Hydrating Lotion and Grounding Crystals.

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