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Natura Bissé: The art of Well-Living

By European Spa


By European Spa

04 August 2021

Luxury Spanish brand Natura Bissé has understood the true value of beauty expertise and wellness delivery since it entered the world of skincare as a spa brand more than 40 years ago.
Founded in Barcelona in 1979 by the late Ricardo Fisas, an entrepreneur with boundless energy, the ‘red carpet’ brand has remained steadfastly true to his vision for excellence, innovation and a love of beauty.

Today, Natura Bissé’s aesthetic heart and deep connection with wellness professionals sees the brand deliver an estimated 7m treatments every year in 35 countries around the world. From facial and body treatments to the most extraordinary 360-degree rituals, Natura Bissé’s unforgettable experiences offer something for all skin types, combining innovative products with exclusive massage techniques.

Patricia Fisas, senior vice-president of research and innovation, Natura Bissé

This summer, as part of the celebration of spas reopening, the brand has a new offer for those looking for an exceptional point of difference, Diamond Well-Living, a line that promises to ‘take care of your body, mind and surroundings’ with an ethos based on personalised wellbeing.

We meet Patricia Fisas, senior vice-president of research and innovation, to hear how Natura Bissé’s new body rituals and vegan product collection has been designed to be a ‘gift for the soul’.

How has Natura Bissé supported its spa portfolio over the recent challenging months?

Flexibility and adaptability are fundamental pillars of Natura Bissé and have been closely held values over recent months. We have always wanted to add value to society, our customers and partners, and the crisis experienced in 2020 has highlighted this reality even more strongly.

We have adapted to these difficult times and devised initiatives to support spas. We have carried out free training courses in various areas of the business, including modules on commercial strategies, techniques and specific recommendations for the industry. We have also created several virtual classrooms to further educate our partners on our products and expertise, even from a distance.

Natura Bissé’s Diamond Well-Living Experience aims to help its spa partners’ clients with ‘a gift for the soul’

On the other hand, aware that safety is of rising value and that consumers’ main concern is how to protect themselves and their families, we took a step forward several months ago to create, from our country of origin, Spain, and in collaboration with the rest of the industry, a complete guide to hygiene and sanitary recommendations. This was accompanied by a digital campaign that made it clear that ours is a safe sector that has always had the highest hygiene measures in place, emphasising that we have also made an effort to adapt to the new situation in order to continue offering a top quality service under strict safety and hygiene controls.

Our purpose is and will continue to be close to our spa partners, especially when they need us most.

What inspired you to create Natura Bissé Diamond Well-Living?

After a challenging year, we realised how important the power of touch is and that taking care of ourselves and our loved ones has become more important than ever.

Diamond Well-Living comes from this need to reconnect with our body, mind and surroundings. This collection is designed to accompany our clients on their journey, make them feel happier and be there whenever they decide to put the world on hold and spend time caring for themselves or those they love. We have now launched worldwide in all the markets where Natura Bissé is present, except in China, where the collection will be launched next year.

Diamond Well-Living professional treatments are based on two key pillars: enjoyment and personalisation.

What makes the new range special?

In essence, Diamond Well-Living is a collection created to make us all happier. As with many of our skincare collections, Diamond Well-Living has its own menu of services, including different spa signature treatments, and in this case it will be more customisable than ever.

Diamond Well-Living professional treatments are based on two key pillars: enjoyment and personalisation. That means the guest can choose what kind of ritual they want, depending on their mood, needs, and the time they want to spend in the treatment room.

The menu includes three main types of treatments – body scrub, body mask and massages – as well as multiple combinations of the three. Each treatment can be customised with one of The Body oils: Energizing, De-Stress, Detox or Fitness. These are four formulas for four types of mood, which have been designed to induce different sensations and deliver a range of benefits. You can also add products that provide a cooling or warming effect, so the personalisation is absolute.

The Diamond Well-Living Experience

The collection that is ‘designed to make spa guests happier’ includes products to continue the spa experience at home:


The Dry Oils Four formulas for four moods

Detox, De-Stress, Fitness, Energizing – that allow clients to customise their daily moisturising ritual. These fast-absorbing oils are designed to care for the skin.


The Body Scrub

A granulated scrub based on marine salt, ground rice and grape seeds for soft and nourished skin – the perfect way to exfoliate the body.


The Body Cream

For nourished and dewy skin, this product features nature’s finest ingredients. With scents of citrus and ginger it is a cascade of radiant hydration.


The Cryo-Gel

Instant cold relief with a menthol and eucalyptus scent, this gel is ideal for relaxing tired, heavy feet and legs, and also provides hydration and helps tone the skin.


The Warming Gel

Providing instant warm comfort for stressed areas, the gel is formulated with an innovative thermo-active ingredient to restore comfort and wellbeing to the body.

Associated with each oil, we have created different movements that therapists can combine as they choose in order to boost the results. For us at Natura Bissé, the therapists’ expertise is crucial. That is why we have created an innovative spa concept that gives aestheticians and therapists the tools to design custom-made rituals and unfold their knowledge, empathy and creativity.

All of the Diamond Well-Living products are vegan and include more than 90% natural ingredients and recyclable materials. It’s a jewel to enjoy alone or to share with loved ones. I am personally in love with it.

Wellness is now a key trend. How does Diamond Well-Living help spas meet this demand?

Last year showed us that wellness and mental and physical health are fundamental, so this is a trend that has arrived to stay and it has had a profound impact on our lives.

Diamond Well-Living Body Scrub

With this collection we want to outline a new ethos of wellbeing, where the focus is on the importance of balance between the body, mind and our surroundings. Our products and bespoke treatments give spas the opportunity to deliver a full holistic experience adapted to everyone’s needs. The Diamond Well-Living Experience aims to change our mood and make us happier.

How much training is required to upskill therapists in its application?

To adapt to the current situation, we have created a virtual training studio to support all our spa partners. With Diamond Well-Living, therapists can combine techniques as they choose in order to boost the results. It is a very dynamic ritual and therefore we have created a private digital platform just for them to learn each and every massage technique.

The Diamond Well-Living collection offers products to continue the spa experience at home

We have created an innovative spa concept that gives the aestheticians and therapists the ability and the power to design custom-made rituals and unfold their knowledge, empathy and creativity.

In addition, we want to help our guests transform ordinary moments into extraordinary at-home experiences, so we have created a range of how-to videos and visual professional tips that can assist therapists in guiding the guest to a great at home experience.

What new trends do you see coming in the world of spa and wellness?

In the coming years the wellness sector will require greater diversity of treatments with a personalised and unique approach; a scientific basis that is respectful to our surroundings; and treatments and products that contribute to emotional wellbeing.

We are already working on the basis of these three pillars. In fact, the new Diamond Well-Living collection is a clear reflection of the fact that we continue to be a pioneer in the application of trends to meet today’s needs and to become an authority within the spa world.

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