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Guinot launches Détoxygène Facial

Professional skincare brand tackles pollution damage with new treatment

By Mark Smith

11 January 2021

Guinot has launched the Détoxygène facial treatment to combat the visible effects of pollution and toxins on the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, the Détoxygène treatment works to detoxify and re-oxygenate the skin with a powerful ingredient combination including papaya extract, EDTA Complex (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate), green clay and purisoft.

The Guinot Bioxygene includes Cleansing Mousse, Serum and Face Crème

The Détoxygène facial comprises three key stages:


Step One: Exfoliation

A dual-action enzymatic, mechanical exfoliator with papaya extract and cellulose microparticles is applied to the skin. This removes dead cells and effectively cleanses the skin from pollution particles and toxins. The skin’s surface will feel smoother and refined.


Step Two: Detoxifying mask

The mask is applied before a facial massage to deeply detoxify and purify the skin. EDTA Complex ‘attracts’ pollution and removes particles. Green clay absorbs toxins and impurities. The mask is applied over an ultra-fine gauze for comfort and its creamy, non-setting formula will help to hydrate the skin.



Step Three: Reoxygenating massage

A manual massage stimulates microcirculation in the skin with alternating pressure points, smoothing strokes and pinching movements to promote cellular respiration. The re-oxygenating serum contains purisoft, an ingredient derived from moringa seed extract that acts as a ‘detox shield’ removing pollution microparticles and preventing them from permanently adhering to the skin.

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