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By Mark Smith

01 December 2019
L’Institut Sothys represents the best the French brand has to offer

Sothys has a long history in the ‘City of Light’, opening its first flagship and laboratory at 163 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in 1958. In 1985 the brand moved to its current location at 128 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, where its clientele enjoy the very best in anti-ageing and hydrating facials alongside targeted body treatments.

The smart exterior of the day spa perfectly complements the haute-couture boutiques and hotels that line the road. Inside, the street-level retail area is light and bright, and its showcase of the brand’s full retail collection allows both visitors and distributors from around the world to see the best Sothys has to offer.

High-tech facials remain popular with French clients who enjoy the personalisation that the brand offers. Seasonality is also celebrated at this renowned location as Sothys launches a new facial twice a year to help repair the skin and prepare it for the changing of the seasons. For autumn/winter 2019, a mango and coconut combination was formulated for a new face and body treatment to address guests’ needs. A unique series of different sequences can be performed to further personalise the experience for guests.

Body and slimming treatments are also popular on the menu, especially for guests who have more time to devote to their spa ritual. However, noting the trend for time-poor customers and the demand for express therapies, the company plans to launch a 30-minute signature facial in the near future to satisfy the changing customer needs.

Guests are offered seasonally attuned treatments and products

Demand for detox

Renowned for its unique sensorial experiences, Sothys combines its specialised Digi-Esthétique technique into its facial and body treatments. This exclusive modelling method works to lift, firm and reshape the face and body, especially when combined with its specialist range of anti-ageing products.

Again responding to customer demand, L’Institut’s city centre location has further led the brand to identify anti-pollution skincare as a key trend. Customer awareness of the detrimental effects of city living has increased, and a new facial and skincare line was introduced in 2019.

The Parisian market has evolved so much, so we will start to remodel L’Institut Sothys next year.”

Christian Mas

President, The Sothys Group

“We just launched our new anti-pollution line, Detox Energie, which is designed for stressed customers in urban cities, with elderberry and ginseng actives,” explains Christian Mas, president of The Sothys Group. “It’s been very successful and provides an anti-pollution shield that our customers love.”

Mas goes on to explain that Sothys is a brand continually innovating as the market changes and consumer perference develops. “Our commitment to therapists and the professional market remains firm, but as a brand we constantly renew our lines as a result of discoveries in science, trends or consumer needs, such as the demand for more natural products that offer results.”

2020 will mark a year of change at L’Institut Sothys as the spa is set to be totally revamped. “The Parisian market has evolved so much, so we will start to remodel next year with our new merchandising design and a training centre; our Parisian offices will join together, so we will have an all-in-one location,” Mas states.

The spa’s treatment rooms host energetic rituals to counteract the rigours of modern city living

Spa Statistics

L’Institut Sothys


Size of spa: 380sqm

Capacity: 12 guests

USP: Results-driven seasonal facials


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