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ESPA Life launches Restorative Wellness at Corinthia London

By European Spa


By European Spa

13 October 2022

ESPA Life has announced a new evolution in its journey to bring integrative wellness to luxury spas. The new Restorative Wellness concept pitches ESPA Life as ‘the Future of Wellness’, placing emphasis on promoting mental wellbeing and utilising three treatment modalities that are new for ESPA – cryotherapy, lymphatic compression massage and LED light therapy.

The Restorative Wellness philosophy is being introduced this autumn at Corinthia London.

Rooted in positive lifestyle principles, the treatments aim to harmonise and unite guests’ physical, emotional and mental states. Each treatment includes elements of nutrition, exercise, movement and mindful practices to connect guests to systems of wellness in both body and mind.

Yogic breathing contributes to the client's wellbeing

A state of harmony

“Our ultimate goal is to future proof guests’ health by helping them to acknowledge, achieve and maintain a state of harmony. We are promoting prevention as the most effective form of self-care,” explained Sharon Haynes, senior associate, pre-opening.

“Every treatment offers a total approach to living well. Modern life has connected us more than ever to devices and social media, yet we’re losing our ability to connect with ourselves. Restorative Wellness helps guests reconnect; to reignite their self-listening skills to can hear what their body is trying to tell them.”

Five pillars of wellbeing

The new treatment menu is ordered according to how guests wish to feel rather than by modalities. Guests then choose from an array of treatments within one of five pillars:



Bolstering skin, muscles and mind with fortifying treatments, each beginning with breathwork and visualisation



Focusing on cherishing and comforting, encouraging the art of compassion and self-care; each experience begins with breathwork




Uniting mind and body to re-inspire connection, raising self-awareness and conscious breathing to encourage mindfulness



Inspired by renewal and recovery, each high-intensity treatment begins with an exercise designed to release tension



Re-energising and revitalising the senses with enlivening treatments, each beginning with an awakening of the senses

Future-proofing health

ESPA’s Restorative Wellness treatments have been specifically created to blend proven holistic practices with scientific techniques and technological innovations to reset wellbeing. This trilogy gently guides guests on an immersive sensorial journey, while also offering both immediate and long-lasting results.

“Our ultimate goal is to future proof guests’ health by helping them to acknowledge, achieve and maintain a state of harmony. We are promoting prevention as the most effective form of self-care.”

Sharon Haynes

Senior associate, pre-opening

“Our Restorative Wellness concept offers physical, emotional and mindful experiences to help manage stress and minimise inflammation,” explains Haynes. “Both are necessary bodily responses but, when either are prolonged, they begin to create negative physiological and emotional outcomes. Therefore everything we offer in Restorative Wellness comes back to limiting inflammation and giving guests tools to manage the stress reaction.”

Gua sha as part of an ESPA Active Nutrients Facial

New modalities for launch, more to come. Cryotherapy used topically to work with the lymphatic system and Lymphatic Compression Therapy with the Body Balancer lymphatic drainage system. A very advanced form of lymphatic massage that uses precise air movements to massage the body and reduce fluids, remove metabolic waste and instil a sense of freedom and lightness.

Always combined with holistic experiences – a restorative wellness approach to navigating treatments. Both overlaid through all treatments

Inside the treatments…

The Cryotherapy facial

A 90-minute experience that combines targeted ice-cold vapour with potent active ingredients, marma and meridian massage and a cryotherapy scalp massage to recharge the complexion, reduce puffiness and give renewed clarify of mind.



The Vital Body Ritual

The Body Balancer device is used over 120 minutes to deliver a lymphatic compression massage and free the body of physical stagnation. Smooth waves pulse through the Body Balancer to address fluid retention and stimulate circulation followed by a fast, invogratying Swedish massage to leave guests feeling lighter

Be calm...

For more information on the ESPA Restorative Wellness, click below

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