ESPA launches menopause campaign in collaboration with GenM

ESPA has announced that 37 of its facial and skincare products now carry GenM’s universal symbol, the MTick


By Wendy Golledge

10 April 2024

ESPA has collaborated with GenM to launch its Navigate Menopause campaign, with 37 of ESPA’s facial and skincare products now carrying GenM’s MTick.

GenM’s primary purpose is to “drive real change for ‘the-change'”. It was created to empower brands to better understand the 15.5m-strong audience of menopausal women in the UK during a transformative phase of their lives.

The brand pioneered the MTick – the world’s-first menopause-friendly symbol. It was created to help women search, source and shop for menopause-friendly products and make choice easier as women try to navigate the minefield of products on sale.

The menopause-friendly symbol signposts products that ease, relieve or support any of the 48 signs and symptoms of menopause.

“We are thrilled to implement the MTick – the universal symbol for menopause-friendly solutions – to 37 of ESPA’s products to deliver further choice for women to managing their menopause.”

Sam Simister

Co-founder, GenM

“In 2020, we commissioned our first Invisibility Report. It irrefutably supported that 15.5m UK women felt invisible, overlooked and under served during the menopause,” said Sam Simister, co-founder of GenM.

“Whilst awareness is increasing, the lived experience is not improving. We created the MTick to empower women with choice, enabling them to thrive and have a better experience.

“This is a natural transition, not a life choice, and there’s room for much more education, awareness and support.”

ESPA's Tri-Active Resilience range has been given the GenM MTick

Navigating menopause with ESPA

ESPA’s MTick-approved products include its Tri-Active Resilience Detox & Purify Cleanser, Regenerating Treatment Oil and Tri-Active Regenerating Body Butter.

The brand’s Aromatherapy Bathing Oil and Muscle Rescue Balm are also MTick-approved.

In addition, six of ESPA’s spa therapies have been approved, including its Natural Face Lift, Sleep Ritual, Inner Calm and Positive Massages, and Deep Muscle Treatment.

Each treatment used targeted techniques, personalised selfcare rituals and mindfulness practices.

“Using only MTick approved products, ESPA’s six facials and body massages seek to aid in the changes to the body caused by menopause. These treatments offer a wellness experience for women to feel comforted and empowered from the inside out.”

Joanne Browne

Training director, ESPA

“Each woman’s menopause journey is unique, shaped by individual experiences, needs and responses to this transitional phase,” said Joanne Browne, training director at ESPA.

“By embracing an empowering perspective along with the expertise and guidance of GenM, ESPA strives to support women in finding holistic solutions that resonate and help them navigate the treatment menu to a solution that’s right for them.

“ESPA menopause treatments create a sanctuary where women can find solace, nourishment and support through mind, body and spirit.”

Woman receiving a back massage
Six of ESPA's facials and body massages seek to help women manage changes caused by menopause

GenM also strives to generate awareness for the 48 symptoms and other impacts of menopause.

It has partnered with 90 additional brands including Boots, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett and Tesco, to better serve the unmet needs of the one billion global menopausal audience.

A holistic approach to wellness

Working alongside GenM, ESPA is striving to provide a holistic approach to wellness during all stages of menopause, helping women to feel empowered and confident.

Speaking at a launch event at ESPA Life at Corinthia London, Emma Bosanko, head of digital and spa marketing at ESPA, added: “We’re educating ESPA therapists to give them the tools and the confidence to speak with and help women at this life stage and teaching them how to have open conversations..

“The MTick ensures women can trust ours product do what they says they will and will support their menopause concern.”

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