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Advanced Nutrition Programme introduces Skin Clear Biome

New supplement contains gut-friendly bacteria to help problem and stressed skin

By Mark Smith

03 February 2021

Supplement makers at Advanced Nutrition Programme have developed Skin Clear Biome by combining four strains of beneficial bacteria with zinc in order to target stressed and problem skin.

The patent-pending formula is specifically created to harness the benefits of microbiome technology, balancing and clearing the skin from the inside out.

“During the development of Skin Clear Biome we analysed strains of bacteria that appeared to be playing a role not only in digestive health but also stress, immunity and blemish-prone skin.”

Lorraine Perretta

Head of nutrition, Advanced Nutrition Programme

The new supplement boosts gut health to clarify complexion and balance the skin’s natural barrier, brightening it and supporting its health and immunity.

Said to be a world-first, this new microbiome technology features S-Boulardii, B-Bifidum, L- Helveticus and L-Paracasei bacterias with the skin-protecting benefits of zinc.

Research trials on the formulation have reported improvements in skin clarity on the face, chin, chest, back and neck.

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