Chenot Group introduces advanced diagnostic programmes


By Sarah Todd

28 January 2021

Helping guests to better optimise their health and wellbeing, the Chenot Group has introduced an advanced set of diagnostics called Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers to make up the Chenot Vitality Index.

Designed to measure the vitality status of guests, the biomarkers and index are a lab-led approach to determining the impact of lifestyle on the wellbeing and ageing process of the individual.

Depending on the results of their tests, guests are offered personalised programmes as well as curated tailor-made lifestyle recommendations.

“Vitality is, by definition, the capacity to stay alive with the best possible health and levels of energy. It’s that special feeling that you get when you’re in the flow. The flow of life."

Dr George Gaitanos

Chief operating and scientific officer, Chenot Group

Biomarkers range from vascular age (arterial stiffness assessment); intoxication (minerals and heavy metals analysis) and skin collagen thickness (ultrasound assessment) to body composition analysis, emotional stress (HRV analysis) and endurance performance (cardiorespiratory fitness assessment).

Guests are offered tailor-made treatments after consultation

The complete set of Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers is available at the Group’s new flagship destination, Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland, while selected biomarkers will also be available at Chenot Espace locations including One&Only Portonovi in Montenegro, which is scheduled to open in March 2021.

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