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The Organic Pharmacy develops immunity boosting supplements

Vitamin and herbal formulas address respiratory health for clients

By Mark Smith

15 January 2021

The Organic Pharmacy has introduced two new nutritional supplements to its herbal range of products.

Designed to support general immunity with a specific focus on respiratory help, founder and CEO, Margo Marrone has formulated the partner products to offer the greatest benefit with the latest science on the use of vitamins and herbal extracts.

The Immune Boosting Day Supplement is rich in vitamins A, D & C, which all contribute to a properly functioning immune system.

Vitamin A specifically helps the body fight off illness and infections, vitamin C protects cells and aids their function and vitamin D contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue as well as being essential for the overall health of bones and muscles.

“I wanted to combine the most important vitamins that were proven to help with the immune system and specifically the respiratory system, so we could provide some support during these unsettling times.”

Margo Marrone

Founder and CEO, The Organic Pharmacy

The Immune Boosting Night Supplement supports the body’s ability to relax and therefore aids in quality of sleep.

Infection-fighting antibody production is enhanced by deep relaxation and adequate amounts of rest. This unique mixture of magnesium and herbs reduces anxiety and allows the body to recover through a deep night’s sleep.

“When we sleep our immune system has the chance to recover and a good night’s sleep also reduces anxiety and stress. It’s a mixture of chamomile , lemon balm, californian poppy, Red poppy and magnesium so it really helps on all levels,” Marrone explains.

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For more information on the new Immune Boost Duo, or the full range of herbal supplements and organic products from The Organic Pharmacy, click below


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