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Aman takes a holistic approach to new supplements

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

11 December 2020

Global wellness brand Aman has introduced a range of nutritional supplements, named Sva, into its global network of 32 hotels and resorts.

The word Sva is derived from svasthya, which is Sanskrit for health and the collection combines traditional knowledge with contemporary science and nutritional knowledge and is designed to support guests’ health both in spas and at home.

“The arrival of Sva provides an exciting expansion, taking a more proactive approach to nutrition, where our guests can support their wellness journey from home.”

Yuki Kiyono

Group director of spa, Aman

Traditional Chinese Medicine has informed seven exclusive formulas, which use vegan herbal ingredients to support Balance, Vitality, Uplift and Calm. In addition, there are Respiratory Support to help stimulate the respiratory system; Immune Support to boost lung function and support the immune system; and Nourish to aid digestion.

Presented in sustainable glass packaging, gluten-free and plant-based holistic formulas have been developed to create 19 Sva products in a selection of granules, capsules and tonics to support immunity, digestion, circulation and healthy brain function.

Respiratory Support from Aman

The brand’s micronutrient supplements, which were developed in partnership with Austrian ‘pure ingredient’ manufacturer Biogena, can help to promote digestion, liver detox, heart and brain function, immunity, sleep and resilience.

Sva will be included in all wellness immersions at Aman’s hotels and resorts. They will also feature in Amangiri’s Sleep and Immune Retreats as well as future programmes at Amanpuri and Aman Tokyo.

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