“It’s critical that we win the hearts and minds of our spa teams.”

Dave Courteen, founder and MD, Mosaic Spa and Health Clubs

By European Spa

22 November 2020

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In an excerpt from one interview, Dave Courteen, founder and MD of Mosaic Spa and Health Clubs, explains how his teams have handled lockdown and reopenings.

In terms of our spa offering, it’s a different type of engagement as many of our guests use the spa as a way of escape.”

It is an important purchase, but our spa is used less often than our health club, which people frequent once or twice a week.

Our returning spa guests want to know that they are safe and feel comfortable.”

It is down to us as an industry to communicate the protocols we have put in place and reassure them about the safety of using spas.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been regularly communicating with our spa guests.”

We also filmed a series of videos that we shared through our social media channels and our online ezine. These cover topics such as social distancing, enhanced cleanliness, and the new protocols that we have in place to minimise the risk of infection. One of our first videos also shows our staff, and how keen they are to come back to work.

“It’s critical that we win the hearts and minds of our teams and therapists.”

We must have everything in place for our spa teams to feel safe and connected in their work environment. If we do this well, I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised when we begin to reopen.

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