“The lockdown provided us with an opportunity to address some issues that previously there had been no time for”

Denise Leicester, founder, ila Spa

By European Spa

22 November 2020

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In an excerpt from one meeting, ila Spa founder Denise Leicester reveals how the lockdown period impacted business continuity:

For me, it was such a shock when lockdown began and life as we knew it came to a stop.”

There was disbelief and also fear in that initial phase. Many people wanted to do more and find more to do, then suddenly there was a wave of letting go when it really hit us that we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, and very naturally, we simply stopped ‘doing’.”

This enforced pause in our lives gave us the opportunity to reflect.”

We’ve also been able to focus on things that needed to be addressed, but which we couldn’t find the time for due to our rapid pace of life pre-Covid-19.

As with every business, ila’s dropped initially, so we looked at how we could restructure.”

Those who felt comfortable going into work operated in a safe way, using staggered rotas to increase social distancing. We also set up structures of communication in very different ways, with sales, marketing and finance all working from home. It wasn’t easy, but we found our rhythm. I have noticed that people are taking a lot of personal responsibility and really working harder at home due to the great sense of coming together as a supportive, caring team.”

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