Spa design for all the senses

By European Spa

By European Spa

03 October 2020

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In an excerpt from one interview, Sparcstudio’s director Beverley Bayes reveals how intuitive spa design can embrace all the senses.

I don’t think we’ve ever been interested in creating a trophy spa.

When we design we aim to instill a real sense of heart and soul as well as authenticity and a sense of place. We’re very focused on the flow of the guest experience and space planning, and we love taking advantage of a spa’s location.

Designing the spa garden at Calcot & Spa began our passion with nature.

That was one of our first spa gardens. But, if there isn’t a garden, having outside views, infinity swimming pools or an urban terrace are all ways to integrate nature into the wellness experience.

“It's essential to create a spa journey ending in a signature space with ‘wow’ factor. Whether that’s an infinity pool or a bespoke sauna with panoramic views, the guest journey must be intuitive and it has to end on a high note."

Beverley Bayes

Director, Sparcstudio

“Post-lockdown, once guests enter a spa, it still needs to appeal to all the senses.”

Spa operators should undertake a sensory audit of their property and look at whether they’re letting enough natural light in as well as how your spa smells.

“Anyone blessed with outdoor space should embrace nature wherever they can.”

It doesn’t have to be an expensive swimming pool; a beautiful garden or terrace is ideal, and air planting and tepidariums can bring nature further into your spa’s interior.

“Essential sanitisation can be made part of a luxurious cleansing ritual.”

Essential oils and a wealth of other products can be incorporated into a cleansing ritual. Technology also has a role to play in terms of touch-free check-in, but the warmth of a human welcome is still a key part of the spa experience.”

“Consider extending your spa offer outdoors as guests deeply appreciate natural space.”

Even if the weather isn’t so good, a firepit can provide a sensory experience and creates an outdoor niche. Inside, thin out relaxation areas, retaining a select amount of private space and using screens to subtly segment different areas.

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