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The confidence and mindset coach talks to European Spa contributing editor Mark Smith about confidence and motivation

By Mark Smith

04 February 2021

As part of European Spa’s ‘In conversation with…’ series on Instagram Live, confidence and mindset coach Danny Greeves discusses confidence and motivation, and explains how to develop these in your personal and professional life.

Danny Greeves' top five takeaways


“To build motivation you need to connect with your why, your purpose. Moving forward it’s always important to have a project – it could be related to work or a past-time or hobby. And every day, remember to celebrate the small wins – journaling can help.”


 “There is an inherent link between physical health and mental wellbeing. Remember the saying that whatever the mind suppresses, the body expresses.”


“Your body is often trying to whisper to you. We don’t always listen until it’s too late. Check in with yourself, how you are feeling. Do this regularly. Do a body scan to see how you feel right now.”


“If you fear the future, what you need to do is look closely at what you are really fearing, is it fear of loss, not having enough money, or status for example. Re-examine your life to identify a point where you felt like this. Coming to terms with this will enable you to more fully embrace the future.”


“People are very resilient, they don’t often think they are, but this pandemic has demonstrated that. In the face of adversity people have adapted and adopted technology to remain connected.”

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