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Thémaé Paris introduces SOS Hydra’Tea Treatment

Super-hydrating professional face mask enhances facial for dry and sensitive skin

By Mark Smith

19 January 2021

Boosted by a super-hydrating professional face mask, the SOS Hydra’Tea Treatment from Thémaé Paris is is recommended for dry, dehydrated and sensitised skin.

The SOS Snow Mask is a professional-only rescue remedy for skin that has been exposed to sharp changes in temperature or pollution, treating skin sensitivity including redness, sunburn and acne.

Formulated with over 97% natural ingredients, its soft and creamy texture nurtures and cocoons the skin, leaving it hydrated and looking more radiant.

SOS Hydra’Tea: Treatment protocol

• The 50-minute SOS Hydra’Tea treatment begins with gentle double cleansing, a fruit enzyme facial peeling and the new SOS Snow Mask.

• The foaming mask is applied in a thick layer on the face and thinly across the neck before being left for 10 minutes.

• The therapist massages the mask into the skin and then removes it with cool towels.

• A series of choreographed movements using the ‘Nouat naas’ accessories sooth and calm the skin.

• The whole face then benefits from acupressure techniques and a massage with the brand’s calming Huile des 4 Thés dry oil, which boasts a subtle fragrance of fresh flowers.

• To conclude, a relaxing massage of the trapezius, neck, neckline, hands and arms elevates the facial to a relaxing wellbeing experience.

Key ingredients include Galactans Complex and Floridean Starch derived from red algae, which help to reduce the levels of Interleukin 6, a cytokine involved in the inflammatory process. Aloe Vera soothes and regenerates while Argan oil, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, stimulates cellular renewal.

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