St Moritz Hotel and Cowshed Spa announce £2m upgrade

The refurbishment is scheduled to complete in June 2024 and will include a new pool area and wellness space


By Wendy Golledge

06 March 2024

The St Moritz Hotel and Cowshed Spa has announced plans to upgrade its leisure facilities, investing £2m in a new pool area and wellness space.

Located in Trebetherick in Cornwall, the refurbishment project, which is currently underway, will include a complete rework of the hotel’s pool area to create a modern wellness space.

A hotel swimming pool
The refurbishment is scheduled to open in June 2024

The new wellness centre will feature a high-tech outdoor hydro pool, a steam room and sauna alongside elemental ice fountains and multiple sensory showers.

The design is being managed by Steve Coombe of 3idog, who has been briefed to create ‘a timelessly stylish space with a focus on ultimate wellness’.

Smiling man in glasses and blue shirt

“When we built St Moritz almost 15 years ago, we built the ultimate Cornish coastal hotel, retaining only the original indoor swimming pool. Now it’s ready to retire so, for 2024, we’re undertaking a rebuild of our indoor swimming pool and an extension of our Cowshed Spa, stepping further into the luxury wellness landscape.”

Hugh Ridgway

Founder, St Moritz Hotel

Miami-inspired styling

St Moritz is home to the only Cowshed Spa outside of Soho House properties.

Soho House’s Cowshed Spa styling is Miami-inspired and colourful. This will be carried through the refurbishment, with the addition of new changing rooms and indoor pool seating and lounging.

The tiling throughout will provide a classic aesthetic, with Italian rock and pebble-inspired signature flooring and marble white mosaics in the pools.

For the walls, blocks of colour will compliment lozenge shaped blush pink tiles. Vivid fabric colour patterns and stripes will be utilised on new four-postered day beds.

hotel spa area
A hotel wellness space

“I wanted to create a space for connection. Our playground here at the St Moritz is outside – guests’ days are filled with sea dips, surfing, walking, building sand castles, beach cleans… I wanted to create a spa space that welcomes the guest back in with open arms,” explains director of operations, Sara Last.

“3idog have taken our Cowshed style right through the wellness space, bringing in colours and textures to soothe a busy mind and tired body. We’ll have hot and cold therapy to nourish and relax guests, day beds and heated loungers, allowing time to reset.

“We will also offer a membership for all of the Relax and Active spaces and of course spa days and packages.”

“With our upcoming £2m renovation, we are on a mission to make St Moritz Hotel the optimum wellness destination in the southwest. We’re continually blending all our partners and their luxury wellness experiences – Cowshed Spa and our consultancy chef Stephane Delourme – alongside our passionate and committed team into this pioneering wellness experience.”

Sara Last

Director of operations, St Moritz hotel and Cowshed Spa

In December 2023, the hotel opened its hot and cold contrast therapy Wild Spa, complete with an oceanside tipi and indoor/outdoor spa, offering a full rejuvenation programme.

The Wild Spa is be a luxury inside/outside elemental spa providing options for guests to explore the benefits of cold water exposure alongside the restorative, warming effects of heat therapy.

The St Moritz Wild Spa was created in collaboration with Cornwall-based Water and Stone.

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