Cornwall’s St Moritz Hotel announces hot and cold therapy Wild Spa

The Wild Spa will open in addition to the hotel’s existing Cowshed Spa, and will be joined by a new wellness area in 2024


By Wendy Golledge

01 November 2023

The St Moritz Hotel in Trebetherick, Cornwall, has announced it will open a new hot and cold contrast therapy spa on December 1, 2023.

The Wild Spa will be a luxury inside/outside elemental spa offered in addition to the hotel’s existing spa – the UK’s only Cowshed Spa outside of Soho House properties.

As well as providing options for guests to explore the benefits of cold water exposure it will offer the restorative, warming effects of heat therapy.

The St Moritz Wild Spa is being created in collaboration with Cornwall-based Water and Stone.

Together with the Cowshed Spa team, the company has designed an original Nordic outdoor spa within the landscaped gardens at the St Moritz.

Smiling man in glasses and blue shirt

“For 2024, we’re also undertaking a £2m rebuild of our indoor swimming pool as an extension of our extremely popular coastal Cowshed spa. In doing so, we’re bringing the St Moritz hotel further into the luxury wellness landscape.”

Hugh Ridgway

Founder of St Moritz Hotel

“When we built St Moritz almost 15 years ago, we dedicated ourselves to being at the forefront of the needs and wants of 21st century Cornish holidaymakers,” continues Ridgway.

“Our new wellness area, set to open next year, will reimagine the immersive spa experience, with an outdoor hydro pool, a new steam room and sauna, alongside ice fountains and sensory showers.

The outdoor Wild Spa

“However, whilst we build that, we dreamt up an interim measure – our outdoor Wild Spa – to keep pace with the phenomenal interest in both cold water swimming and hot and cold plunging.

“The initial interest has been through the roof. So much so that we’re already considering how this new experience could become a long-term fixture here on the North Cornish coast.”

Man sta in sauna looking out of the window
The Wild Spa will offer a mix of global therapies

Spa events and sauna workshops

A full rejuvenation programme of events and sauna workshops with leading experts will run throughout the winter and spring.

A key part of these options will be a Lithuanian-style sauna – a ‘Pirtis’ – which is rarely available in the UK.

Filling the sauna with scents of the forest through ‘whisking’, this Lithuanian tradition is all about creating a connection with nature.

During a Pirtis, guests enter the sauna and steam mixed environment for breathwork and intention setting.

They are massaged with a mild whisking technique, using fresh birch and oak leaves bound together, to create a state of tranquillity.

Couple sat in outdoor hot tub at sunset
The Wild Spa is being created in conjunction with Water and Stone

The Wild Spa tipi

Before, during and after Wild Spa experiences guests will be able to retreat to St Moritz’s Wild Spa tipi, with designated relaxation spaces, open fires and cosy corner.

“We’re delighted to be bringing this creative new mix of global therapies to the North Cornish coast,” says Ross Eliot, founder of Wild and Stone Spa.

“We’re providing not just the experiences themselves, but the opportunity for people to learn about, and embrace, the proven mental and physical effects that controlled exposure to alternate hot and cold conditions can have.”

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