SHA Wellness Clinic launches Leader’s Performance programme

The initiative is designed to improve the performance and productivity of people in leadership positions


By Wendy Golledge

15 May 2023

Leading Spanish medical spa SHA Wellness Clinic has introduced a new programme aimed specifically at people in high-performing leadership positions.

The Leader’s Performance programme focuses on maintaining optimal health under high levels of stress, improving performance and productivity.

Drawing on research from SHA’s dedicated Cognitive Development & Brain Stimulation Unit, the programme is geared towards entrepreneurs, business leaders and anyone who faces high levels of stress on a daily basis.

SHA wellness clinic Infinity pool
The SHA Method integrates scientific medicine with natural therapies and nutrition

Optimising health

According to data from the 2021 Global Leadership Forecast study, six out of ten managers suffer extreme exhaustion.

Continuous exposure to a high level of stress can lead to an excess of cortisol, producing negative consequences on brain and cognitive function, digestion, metabolism, immune system function and skin health.

The new SHA Clinic programme will focus on optimising health in these key areas.

It will also equip guests with the tools to react to stress in the best way, while taking care of their physical and mental health.

Dr Vicente Mera

"Senior executives are used to prioritising professional goals; it's essential they transfer this priority to their health. We work on the seven areas that impact on physical and cognitive performance – diet, exercise, rest, stress, detoxification, recovery of the intestinal microbiota and hormonal balance.”

Dr Vicente Mera

Head of Healthy Ageing Unit and specialist in sleep medicine, SHA Wellness Clinic

Tools to take home

The week-long programme begins with a bioenergetic assessment, plus a full medical and cardiology consultation to help personalise the programme to each guest.

Guests will also receive a neurocognitive consultation to assess brain function, looking at 22 variables from reasoning and memory to attention and co-ordination.

Based on the results, guests will undergo neurocognitive stimulation treatments to develop maximum cognitive potential.

This is complemented by ozone therapy to boost immunity, hormone supplementation consultations and holistic therapies, from breathwork and acupuncture to hydrotherapy.

Sound therapy at SHA wellness clinic
Sound therapy at SHA Wellness Clinic

Healthy ageing

Personal coaching and stress management workshops equip guests with the tools to continue to navigate highly stressful situations once they’ve returned home.

Professor Bruno Ribeiro do Couto, head of the Cognitive Development & Brain Stimulation Unit, says: “There are three great threats to healthy ageing: inflammation, toxins and most importantly, stress.

“Often, guests who come to SHA are unaware of their stress levels.

“Our main objective has been to find the best technique to diagnose stress levels through cardiac variability and assisting guests to activate their autonomic nervous system.”

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