Lefay Resorts announces launch of the Lefay SPA Academy

Lefay is the first Italian destination spa to create a training academy in order to train up more first-class wellness professionals


By Wendy Golledge

11 May 2023

Lefay has revealed the Lefay SPA Academy, created to increase the training of first-class wellness professionals in luxury hospitality.

Lefay SPA Academy is said to be the result of study, research and training carried out by the group.

Since opening its first eco-spa resort in the Lefay Collection, Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda in 2008, the company has pioneered its own innovative wellness method, which combine Classical Chinese Medicine with western scientific research.

A spa treatment in the Lefay Resort on Lake Garda

The Lefay SPA Method has led to the creation of more than 50 Lefay signature treatments, from the Abbraccio di Morfeo massage to tackle insomnia to Scambio nel Vento to release tension.

This bespoke approach has raised the issue of training in the company. Initially a training course was created, and this has now been formalised into the Lefay SPA Academy.

On-the-job training

The training academy will ensure therapists are able to carry out all the specific protocols of the Lefay SPA offer.

Starting at the time of recruitment, the course offers intense theoretical background and practical on-the-job training, for three years.

Salt Water Pool Lefay Lake Garda
A salt water pool in Lefay Collections' first eco-spa resort in Lago di Garda, Italy

Sustainability principles

In addition to technical subjects related to bio-natural and holistic disciplines (such as Classical Chinese Medicine and cosmetology), the course includes a wide variety of subjects.

These range from luxury hospitality standards and effective communication to professional ethics. There are also modules on the sustainability principles applied in the Lefay SPA.

The teachers in the academy are members of the Lefay SPA Method Scientific Committee, Lefay SPA trainers and experts in the various disciplines included in the training programme.

“We are very proud of this project. We firmly believe it’s the duty of entrepreneurs to invest in young people, developing their talents,” said Liliana Leali, deputy chairman of Lefay Resorts & Residences.

Lefay's Panoramic Sauna
Lefay Lago di Garda's panoramic sauna

“Since the foundation of the first resort in the Lefay Collection, great efforts have been devoted to training employees and, in particular, to the Lefay SPA team, which undergoes a specific training programme,” continues Leali.

“This process has finally been formalised with the launch of the first academy for wellness professionals created by a spa destination.”

Recognised certification

With its SPA Academy, Lefay officially joins the Technical Scientific Committee of Bio Natural Disciplines of the Lombardy Region in Italy.

At the end of the training it issues a certificate as ‘Practitioner of Manual Holistic Techniques’, recognised by the Lombardy Region.

While beginning their paid work experience in a world recognised spa destination, all Lefay SPA Academy participants will have the opportunity to undertake an academic training programme.

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