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SHA Wellness Clinic launches immune-boosting Gut Health programme

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

12 February 2021

Integrated medical and holistic pioneer SHA Wellness Clinic has introduced a Gut Health programme to transform digestion and enhance general health for its guests.

Developed by Dr Amina Alani, the Gut Health programme aims to reset and maintain the correct functioning of the digestive system, which complements SHA’s Detox programme by eliminating toxins simultaneously.

The concept has been framed to complement SHA’s signature 360-degree approach to disease prevention, targeting digestive disorders caused by an imbalance of microbiota, as well as psychological issues that impact gut health.

"Numerous studies over the last two decades have shown that the digestive system is interconnected with the rest of the body, especially the central nervous system and the immune system."

Dr Amina Alani

Gut health expert, SHA Wellness Clinic

The Gut Health programme is designed for people suffering from digestive disorders, chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies and mood disorders.

The health team will assess the levels of dysbiosis and inflammation, the presence of heavy metals and other issues that affect digestive health.

Cutting-edge treatments included in the programme...


  • Intestinal dysbiosis tests
  • Diamine oxidase activity tests (DAO)
  • Ellipse-inflammation tests
  • Basic nutrigenetics profiles
  • Intestinal ozone therapy
  • Micronutrition therapy

SHA’s team of multi-disciplinary experts then prescribe guests with a tailored selection of medical treatments, natural therapies and a nutrition plan to improve the immune, neuroendocrine and emotional systems.

SHA’s wellness experts enable each guest to significantly improve their quality of life by achieving the total repair of the digestive system, which in turn is said to improve overall health.

Meet the expert: Dr Amina Alani


Dr Amina Alani brings over 15 years’ experience in psychoneuroimmunology, neuroscience, sports medicine and nutrition to SHA Wellness Clinic. She has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from The University of Granada, with a specialisation in Sports Medicine from The University of Malaga. She also has a Masters degree in Nutrition and Human Dietetics from the University of Cadiz, as well as a Master’s degree in Neuroscience and Pain Medicine from the University of Granada. Dr. Alani also brings extensive experience in anti-ageing therapies for patients subjected to physiological stress or diseases that accelerate cellular ageing.

Be well...

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