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Palace Merano unveils detox concept for healthy ageing

Revital Method boosts preventative healthcare at renowned Italian spa


By Mark Smith

18 December 2020

Palace Merano, the five-star hotel and spa in Northern Italy, has introduced the Revital Method, a series of highly specialised therapies to detox and regenerate the body.

Renowned for preventative healthcare, the team, under the supervision of healthcare director, Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer, combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern western medicine for optimal results.

“Wellness and health are assets that require continuous investments,” said Dr. Mayrhofer. “Maintaining wellness involves not only avoiding disease, but also strengthening your health day after day and promoting longevity.”

Palace Merano offers highly personalised programmes for health ageing

Each of the Revital Method’s programme addresses lifestyle factors including diet, stress and exercise to improved quality of life, mental health and physical fitness. A series of diagnostics, including metabolic, bio-energy, bone density, muscle mass and hormone tests, inform the treatment pathway.

Daily treatments can include painless electro-acupuncture to enhance and balance the flow of energy through the organs. Specific massage techniques are applied along the meridians to release energy blockages and tone the muscular tissue. Cupping is used to stimulate the lymphatic system. Hydrotherapy is a cornerstone of the programme in the shape of phyto-mud compresses, aroma baths and water jet therapy.

Hydrotherapy treatments boost metabolism during detox programme

“Ageing is a natural process, but pathological degeneration is not. Indeed, it is possible to age with a state of general well-being if you take care of your body and mind adequately, preparing yourself for a harmonious passage through the various phases of life.”

Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer

Healthcare director, Palace Merano

What's on the menu at Palace Merano?

Diet and nutrition are central to the success of each guest visit. Dr. Mayrhofer promotes “a diet rich in antioxidants and natural products that support the body’s defence processes against free radicals, slowing down the cellular deterioration and strengthening the organic functions.”


Working together, the medical and nutrition teams at Palace Merano developed two unique programmes:


Revital Detox Diet

Developed to eliminate toxins while boosting the liver’s natural metabolic functions, this calorie-reduced diet is high in vegetable protein and fibre dense ingredients and free from animal fats. Salt is replaced by aromatic herbs and gentle spices.


Biolight Diet

Combining fhealthy and easily digestible dishes, consisting of local and seasonal products based on Mediterranean cuisine. Expect virgin olive oil, pulses, fruit and vegetables, fish and poultry. Food is specially prepared to retain maximum nutritional value.

Palace Merano's medical team combine a western approach with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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