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SHA Wellness Clinic launches innovative Sexual Health Unit

By Wendy Golledge


By Wendy Golledge

09 August 2023

SHA Wellness, the pioneering medical-wellness clinic, has added sexual health programming at its Alicante flagship.

The new offering will optimise the sexual and hormonal health of guests, improving their overall emotional balance and quality of life through a three-tiered approach.

Spearheaded by clinical psychologist Cynthia Molina, the new Sexual Health Unit takes its lead from WHO research, which states boosting sexual wellbeing is a fundamental factor in improving overall mental, physical and emotional health.

The SHA Method practiced at SHA Wellness Clinic integrates scientific medicine with natural therapies and nutrition

Addressing sexual wellness

The unit is informed by the latest analytical data, which shows that approximately 52% of women and 38% of men suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction during their lives.

The Sexual Health Unit will address all aspects of sexual wellness including function, desire, and self-esteem.

The cornerstone of the service is an initial consultation with Dr Molina, who will carry out a comprehensive physical, emotional and mental assessment.

“As life expectancy increases, so do sexual expectations,” saiys Cynthia Molina. “If you can reach the age of 80 with a high quality of life, it makes no sense to stop sexual activity at the age of 60. Why resign yourself to living 20 years without sex?”

SHA Wellness residences in Alicante, Spain

Ultra-personalised treatment plans

Guests will undergo numerous consultations, including with a gynaecologist and urologist to review their overall physical health in relation to sexual function.

Tests based on their needs and goals will include hormone tests, ultrasounds, mammograms and metabolic genetic testing.

Various cutting-edge treatments will then be advised and prescribed to elevate the guest’s overall physical and emotional sexual health.

Guests will consult with health professionals and undergo state-of-the-art tests

SHA Wellness’s flagship Spanish site is best known for the pioneering SHA Method, which blends cutting-edge preventive, genetic and anti-ageing medicine with natural therapies.

Merging western medicine with ancient healing traditions, SHA’s intensive programmes take a a 360-degree approach to wellbeing, using some of the world’s most state-of-the-art technology backed by in-depth scientific research.


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