SHA Wellness Clinic introduces Advanced Cellular Regeneration Therapy

Spain and Mexico

By Wendy Golledge

04 April 2024

Renowned wellness brand SHA Wellness has introduced Advanced Cellular Regeneration Therapy into its two clinics.

The first therapy of its kind, it increases cellular voltage and full-body health, leading to total body rejuvenation.

The cutting-edge treatment recharges cells and neutralises the degenerative effect free radicals can have on the body. This results in increased energy, health and longevity.

The SHA Wellness Clinic brand is the first in the world to introduce this physical regeneration treatment technology.

Advanced Cellular Regeneration uses cold atmospheric plasma technology

The science behind Advanced Cellular Regeneration Therapy

The regenerating treatment uses cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) technology.

The cold plasma penetrates the natural fibres of clothing and is absorbed by the skin and fluids throughout the body. The applicators, which are made of 24-carat gold, conduct the current efficiently and painlessly.

The CAP generates a stream of molecules that enhance the nervous system and bring up the electrical voltage of each cell.

Disease, tiredness and the degenerative processes associated with ageing can all cause low electrical voltage in cells.

CAP is the only known physical technology that can counteract the consequences of oxidative stress and cell degeneration.

SHA Wellness Clinic has two sites in Spain and Mexico

Measurable effects on cells

The CAP promotes increased serotonin, dopamine and mitochondrial health. It reduces cortisol levels while stimulating the production of melatonin and vitamin D.

Advanced Cell Regeneration Therapy has three measurable effects on cells – it recharges, regenerates and neutralises free radicals.

The end result is an increase in vital energy, reduced fatigue, improved physical and mental health and reduced inflammation.

SHA Wellness Clinic is set to open its third property, in the UAE, in 2026.

The brand’s mission is to help people live longer and better lives through a holistic and comprehensive approach to health.

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