Rudding Park launches woodland spring bathing experience

The spa in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, has introduced a new outdoor bathing experience


By Wendy Golledge

06 July 2023

The new woodland spring bathing experience at Rudding Park Spa offers guests access to two private fresh water tubs, immersed in the surrounding landscape.

The tubs, supplied by Kirami UK, are enhanced by added extras including a magnesium mineral ‘bomb’ to help boost magnesium levels, and a detoxifying moorish mud mask, which guests can apply to their skin to draw out impurities.

A personal host prepares the tubs for each guest and is also on hand to serve drinks.

Following a luxurious soak, guests can explore Rudding Park’s extensive hydrotherapy and thermal experiences in the Roof Top Spa.

Two women in outdoor tub with face masks on
Guests are supplied with a detoxifying moorish mud mask

Rich in magnesium (which can help alleviate aches and pains, lower stress levels, increase bloody flow and circulation), calcium and sodium, the water used in the tubs is from Rudding Park’s own aquifer. It has no added chemicals, and no chlorine.

With sustainability in mind, the water is maintained at a constant temperature using excess heat from the destination’s energy centre.

head of spa woman in spotted top

“We always want to offer new experiences and Woodland Spring Bathing is a wonderful way to relax; the stillness of the water promoting a sense of calm, heightening the connection with nature."

Sarah Johnson

Head of spa, Rudding Park

“We understand wellbeing means different things to different people so the addition of Woodland Spring Bathing offers something for everyone,” said Sarah Johnson, head of spa at Rudding Park.

“Whether guests want to reconnect with nature, invest in their health by boosting magnesium levels or simply have a fun shared experience with friends, the bathing experience is a great addition to our offer.”

Earlier this year, Rudding Park hosted the UK’s first aufguss championship. It was the first UK spa to introduce aufguss ceremonies to bring a sense of theatre and communality to the sauna experience

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