Made for Life announces new training course to celebrate 20th anniversary


By Wendy Golledge

30 June 2023

Ethical skincare brand Made for Life Organics, founded by Amanda Winwood, has launched a new training course as it celebrates 20 years as a brand.

A year in development, the Real Conversations training course has been created in collaboration with psychologists and clinical specialists.

The Made for Life team worked closely with the staff at palliative care home Compton Care and took insight from their own own research to create the one-day course.

The aim is to develop the confidence and skills of spa and salon therapists to enable them to have a much-needed real conversation with their customers.

The course was launched by Winwood (second from left) at an event held at Compton Care in Wolverhampton earlier this month

Teaching active listening

The Real Conversation training course reintroduces the value of active listening, and how this can be a powerful tool to transform the treatment experience.

The course will help therapists build trust and create a more meaningful rapport with guests and clients, whatever their concerns may be.

"The Real Conversation often feels like it is a missing link in our industry. If we're going to be authentic in our bid to offer people better wellbeing, we can't only give therapists five minutes to talk to clients or expect them to handle the 'big' conversations without training."

Amanda Winwood

Founder and managing director of Made for Life Organics

“From our observations over many years of educating, we’ve found that consultations within the spa and beauty industry are often not personalised,” continues Winwood.

“They are often rushed and do little beyond confirming a name and the treatment the guest has booked.

“Consultation forms are often given a cursory glance, to simply make sure the client has no obvious contraindications. That’s not the way to make a treatment really remarkable.”

Communication toolkits

The one-day course was launched at an event held at Compton Care in Wolverhampton.

Jen Warren from Compton Care says: “Many of us are touched by life limiting illnesses. To be able to provide spa professionals with extra tools for their communication toolkits is amazing.

“We want to help all spa therapists have honest, personal and at times intimate conversations with their clients when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Moving forwards, Winwood has pledged to further open communication channels with the NHS and help forge a closer working relationships between the medical sector and spas.

“We have the power to collaborate and make change for the good,” she says.

Real conversations are central to Winwood's Spa Life event in Cornwall

SpaFest 2023

Windwood’s popular SpaFest event returns this autumn at the Gwel an Mor resort in Portreath, from 12-14 September.

The focus will be on wellbeing and encouraging the industry to come together as a community and force for good.

The purpose of SpaFest is to create a space for wellness professionals and leaders to meet, have authentic conversations and explore new ways of living and working for the benefit of people, planet and health.

Tickets are still available here.

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