“In a period of great uncertainty, preventative wellness is hugely important.”

Anna Bjurstam, Wellness Pioneer, Six Senses

By European Spa

22 November 2020

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In an excerpt from one interview, Six Senses’ Anna Bjurstam explores how we can authentically reconnect.

Wellness is really about the whole person, as everything is interconnected.”

I define it as being well physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It’s understanding that there is synchronicity between the inside and outside of the body, and that everything needs to work together to create balance.

In a period of great uncertainty, preventative wellness is hugely important.”

Preventative wellness helps people to boost their immune systems and physically cope better by eating well, moving more and sleeping soundly, which are all the essence of wellbeing.

One of the biggest issues during the pandemic has been the threat to our mental wellbeing.”

Often we feel a range of emotions in a single day, from anger to joy and back again. As a result, I think wellness provision will continue to grow in popularity as people realise they need to be mentally and physically well in order to cope with what we are all going through right now and what may come in the future.

Over recent months, I’ve also seen a significant return to the heart.”

Our need to connect is greater than ever and I think we’re going to see a new era of connection – with ourselves, with nature and with others. This is going to be hugely important and will be a more prominent feature going forward. People have realised that they can’t leave it to anyone else; they have to be responsible for their own wellness. Overall, I have been left with a greater hope for humanity after this pandemic than I had before.

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