Gharieni: Expertly crafted spa treatment couches

By David Fagan

By David Fagan

11 August 2021

An international wellness technology leader, Germany-based Gharieni Group is a manufacturer of high-end spa furniture and medical equipment with 30 years of industry expertise. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Group founder and CEO Sammy Gharieni discusses the brand’s USPs and how it can help spas meet guest demand.

What is unique about Gharieni’s products and the services it offers?

Gharieni Group began by specialising in medical and spa equipment, and innovation has always been deeply embedded in our DNA. We foresaw the shift in our industry from simply ‘spa’ to spa and wellness, and we met the needs of this trend by adapting our offering, leading to accelerated growth.

This capacity for rapid response has seen us continue to be a leader in technological experiences through our wellness concepts, and we are committed to the highest standards and verified wellness through our ongoing clinical studies.

Sammy Gharieni, founder and CEO, Gharieni Group

Have you adapted your products as a result of recent events?

We saw a unique opportunity during the pandemic and decided to begin conducting research on the efficacy of our wellness technology concept beds.

Beginning with Welnamis (previously known as SpaWave) and the MLX Quartz, and still ongoing, we have undertaken the first study of its kind in the wellness arena and have found that these products positively impact the human autonomic nervous system.

This has led to further development and now we have created the second-generation Welnamis with better and more precise programming and protocols that continue to expand the range of treatments and the quality of the output.

Gharieni's MLX Quartz treatment bed with Quartz poultices

What new equipment do you have available to benefit spa operators?

In direct response to the needs of the market, we have developed the Gharieni PlexiShield lines, which are available with three different features. One can be easily attached to the metal frame under the headrest of our spa tables; another is mobile with a tripod; and the final option is a magnifying lamp with an integrated plexiglass screen. All offer optimal space to facilitate a range of movement for the therapist to work during treatments.

A Gharieni table in use at La Butte aux Bois in Belgium

Why is investment in quality treatment room equipment so important for spas?

A therapist must have high-quality equipment to maximise the delivery of excellence for their services. This translates to higher guest satisfaction, capture rate and bottom line. The design and finishes should be ergonomic and seamlessly integrated with relaxed luxury into any room, allowing for maximum guest comfort without the need to conduct a change of treatment room. The premium quality of our materials makes them exceptionally durable, easy to maintain and sterilise, and beautiful to look at.

Five reasons to invest in Gharieni products

• Mental regeneration

Post-Covid spas will be at the forefront of preventative lifestyle optimisation and holistic rebalancing.


• Sell concepts rather than products

Integrating holistic treatments with innovative technology will provide a key differentiator.


• Rethinking life and business

Gharieni has embraced the new normal as a catalyst for innovation.


• Authenticity and quality

We help to create environments where the wisdom of self-care and healing meets the 21st century.


• Provide immersive experiences

Always deliver value in everything you do. Satisfying today’s wellness guests requires bridging products and services in new ways.

How can your equipment support spas in streamlining their treatment offer?

A decisive aspect for improved ROI and the success of a wellness facility has always been the smart use of space.

Multi-functional treatment beds such as the brand new Gharieni 601 combine the best features of a spa table and a treatment bed in one, saving time and space. Facials, manicures, footcare, massages, makeup and haircare can be combined, and even delivered concurrently, facilitating room turnover efficiency.

MLX i3Dome from Gharieni

What should spa investors be considering as this year progresses?

Spa investors should give more thought to individual or more personalised client treatments. One size no longer fits all and we live in a quite different era than previously. Not only are people short of time, but they want more personalised products and services. So, in addition to relaxing in the wellness and spa area, they also want to experience moments that add value to their customer expectations. As such, always keeping the journey fresh and new for the wellness seeker will foster engagement and loyalty in their lives and create a sense of oasis.

It is important to stay on top of trends and what the consumer needs. Addressing this successfully will lead to higher returns for the investor and a fulfilling immersive environment for guests.

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