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How Ellisons has created a diverse range of new e-learning solutions to help spa managers upskill their teams

By European Spa

10 September 2021

The knowledgeable Spa Partner team of leading spa supplier Ellisons has a long reputation for providing wellness operators with advice and guidance on everything from project management to product and treatment supply and delivery.

Leveraging its deep insight into the ever-changing needs of spas and salons, as crystalised by the recent lockdown restrictions, Ellisons now offers a comprehensive range of 100%-digital courses designed to alleviate the challenges of time, distance and cost that can prohibit team development.

Ellisons's spa expertise aims to improve the guest experience

We asked Louise Moore, head of The Academy and online training at Ellisons, about how the company’s learning platform can help to futureproof spa teams.

Tell us about Ellisons’ spa partner training courses

Knowledge and learning have been at the heart of Ellisons since we launched The Academy in 1989. Following the challenges of the last 18 months, we have carefully curated a diverse range of courses to inspire clients and support time-pressed spas.

Our alternative massage courses add innovative twists to mind and body relaxation. For example, bamboo massage delivers lymph drainage and detoxification using natural canes, while multisensory Thai compresses soothe with warm and fragrant herbs and essential oils.

A range of training options are available to Ellisons' spa partners

Other training subjects include hot stone massage, Visopeel – a chemical exfoliation facial – and low maintenance beauty treatments such as lash lifting and extensions.

What makes the courses special?

We understand that managing training is a continuous challenge for many spa managers and that flexibility is paramount. From enrolment through to assessment, our partners can enjoy unlimited access to The Academy online, learn at their own pace and submit their assessments as they become proficient. Our platform allows spa managers to stay in control, even monitoring their therapists’ progress across multiple spa locations.

Recognised qualifications can lead team members towards future promotion opportunities

Ellisons training is a comprehensive, engaging multimedia experience that clearly puts theory into practice through step-by-step video tutorials, module exams to assess understanding and video submissions to perfect technique. Our experienced team are always available with bespoke guidance to support each student’s success.

Crucially, every course is accredited by recognised International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, allowing therapists to immediately employ their skills.

What are the real benefits of investing in e-learning now?

We’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback praising the efficiency of digital learning. Within a month of launching it has surpassed the number of learners who enrolled on our face-to-face courses.

The adaptability of e-learning has signalled a permanent shift away from the inconveniences of traditional training by offering a solution to geographical and time constraints.

Ellisons aims to help spa professionals reach their fullest potential

Another compelling benefit is that spa operators can be confident of uniformly high-quality repeatable teaching – not forgetting the value of avoiding the escalating costs that travel and accommodation demand.

How can training incentivise a spa team’s performance?

Recognised qualifications offer building blocks to future promotion opportunities and we have found that taking ownership in the learning journey encourages greater engagement and confidence when treating clients. Teams are equipped with skills and resources that empower them to reach their fullest potential, helping them to enjoy a sense of self-fulfilment that we all seek.

Be equipped...

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