GWI launches ‘Living Well From Within’

New initiative, chaired by Dr Danny Friedland, aims to develop a coalition of ‘conscious leaders’


The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has launched a new initiative called ‘Living Well From Within’.

Created to inspire and develop a coalition of ‘conscious leaders’, the initiative will be chaired by Dr Danny Friedland and co-chaired by Sallie Fraenkel and Wendy Bosalavage.

The author of Leading Well from Within and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, ‘Dr Danny’ has collaborated with the GWI for many years and was one of the original medical consultants and contributors to the GWI’s Wellness Evidence.

The initiative also has a group of Coalition Partners, who will be committed to amplifying its message, sharing its tools and curriculum with a wider audience.

A Conscious Capitalism Workout video is available to watch, which Dr Danny has developed as a way to integrate the mission, tenets, economic value and scientific basis of Conscious Capitalism, including an exercise routine designed to catalyse daily growth and wellness.

“The group of individuals and companies we have gathered have the influence to transform their communities and the world at-large,” said Dr Friedland. “We are humbled to serve as an entrusted catalytic energy centre for driving transformative change through the wellness industry.”

Dr Daniel Friedland talks to European Spa magazine


In the Spring edition of European Spa magazine, Dr Daniel Friedland shares his vision for conscious leadership and how his recent cancer diagnosis has propelled his mission to help the wellness industry flourish. Read our interview here

The launch of the initiative was catalysed by Dr Daniel’s recent life-changing diagnosis of brain cancer, and he and his family have a free subscription YouTube channel, entitled Living Well From Within, which aims to share the positivity of their day-to-day experiences.

Speaking exclusively to European Spa, Susie Ellis, GWI’s chair and CEO said: “Dr Danny Friedland’s enthusiasm for life is infectious, so it’s an especially painful irony that he is now facing this diagnosis.

“I met him over a decade ago when he explained how medical databases work and how they could empower the wellness industry to put the clinical evidence behind so many approaches. This resulted in the GWI’s, of which he was a key architect.”

Picture of Susie Ellis, GWS founder, wearing a white shirt and with her chin resting on her hands

"Dr Danny is a true visionary and pioneer in integrative, preventative health and in conscious leadership, and I feel we all owe him our attention to the crucial lessons he wants to communicate at this point in his life.  He is – and it is – a gift to all of us."

Susie Ellis

Chair and CEO, Global Wellness Institute

The initiative has already garnered support from a wide range of transformational leaders including Chip Conley, founder of Modern Elder Academy; Dr Peter Angood, CEO of the American Association for Physician Leadership; and Alexander McCobin, CEO of Conscious Capitalism.

The initiative’s co-chairs Fraenkel and Bosalavage will be joined by a team of leaders who will serve as GWI Living Well From Within Initiative members. They include Julie Bach, founder of Wellness for Cancer; Corinna Yap, the director of wellness for Rosewood Hong Kong and Dr Dan Diamond, founder of NogginStorm.

As a leading research and educational resource for the global wellness industry, the GWI also has 30 other industry-specific collaborative groups of initiatives. Find out more here

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