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The international spa, wellness and hospitality consultant talks to European Spa's Sarah Camilleri about what it takes to deliver authentic wellbeing services

By David Fagan

01 April 2021

As part of European Spa’s ‘In conversation with…’ series on Instagram Live, Paula Perkins, founder of Paula Perkins Spa Consultancy, talks to European Spa founding editor Sarah Camilleri.

As well as discussing how spas can deliver authentic wellbeing experiences for guests, the globally experienced spa and wellness expert retraced the source of her passion for wellness and look ahead to discuss the spa business trends of the future.

A finalist in the 2020 Hall of Wellness Awards for Global Consultant of the Year, Perkins describes how she strives to put wellness at the heart of all of the spa operations she advises, including her recent work with the Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace Malta, as well as on international pipeline projects for Corinthia Hotels in Rome and Doha.

Paula Perkins: Top five takeaways

Everything starts with the five pillars of health.

‘Movement, nutrition, sleep, mindset and connection’ are all vital to the delivery of authentic wellbeing. Spas need to provide these in order to inspire their guests, gently educating them into taking small steps towards self-care.


Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

Clear communication between spa managers and general managers, and therapists and their clients – is vital to the success of your business. Be clear about what you can offer and don’t overstretch your teams. Take a mindful walk around your spa today and consider what might be improved at every guest touch point.


The spa industry has woken up.

A change has taken place in the spa and wellness industry with integrated wellbeing taking centre stage. Careful curation of all aspects of the spa journey is required to maximise your business offering.


Wellbeing belongs in all aspects of a spa.

From its design to how it operates and the products it uses, wellbeing should be totally built in to every part of your spa. This is even more pertinent due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Spas need to be ‘well buildings’ that offer reassuringly hygienic environments without losing anything from the guest experience.


Now is the time…

Improving the wellbeing of spa people and places starts with every individual in the industry talking to each other and sharing their expertise. Particularly with their GMs. It is all about respect and education. At the moment developers are really listening.

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