Lemi: Quality treatment couches 'Made in Italy'

By European Spa

By European Spa

22 September 2021

With a pedigree spanning more than three decades, Italian company Lemi is renowned for creating luxurious wellness experiences with unique designs and advanced technology incorporated into its premium spa and beauty equipment

General manager Matteo Brusaferri discusses the brand’s USPs and how it can help spas meet guest demand.

What makes your company and its services stand out from the competition?

As a forerunner in the global spa and beauty sectors for more than 30 years, we have always been committed to exceeding expectations with the design, innovation and quality of our products.
Our equipment is renowned for its multi-functionality.

Matteo Brusaferri, general manager, Lemi

For example, the Lemi Spa table allows therapists to perform several treatments in the same space, customised according to each guest’s needs. In addition, we invest heavily in advanced technical research and we guarantee the quality of our products through our 100% ‘Made in Italy’ production cycle.

How have you adapted your offering for the new era following Covid-19?

We actually created the Bellaria outdoor treatment bed before the pandemic began. After receiving many requests for this equipment we researched a solution that would deliver the guaranteed quality of Lemi products while enhancing the relaxation experience in an outdoor environment, especially in seaside locations. With this product development becoming a priority, the Bellaria has been much sought-after as it is a very durable outdoor spa bed with specific components designed to resist external agents, including rain, saltwater and direct sunlight.

The Portofino EVO from Lemi

What new equipment do you have available for the spa setting?

We created a movable, protective piece of equipment for therapists called Spa SHIELD. Thanks to its thermoformed plexiglass structure, Spa SHIELD protects the guest and the therapist, allowing them to perform treatments in comfort and safety. It has a metal, painted base, silent rubber wheels with brakes and a fully height-adjustable stand to fit any spa bed.

We use either Nefos or Spa Prestige vinyl leather fabric on our products and both of these are made in production processes involving an anti-microbial additive technology. Studies show that fabrics treated in this way are up to 99.9% resistant to harmful bacteria and sanitised with a permanent effect.

Lemi's Spa Dream treatment table

Why is investment in quality spa treatment room equipment so important?

Spa guests spend a lot of time on the treatment bed, so it is an integral part of the experience. It is important to ensure maximum customer comfort to amplify the enjoyment and benefits of treatments. The equipment is also a work tool so it must be reliable and durable to ensure daily use without problems, and to amortise its considerable cost.

The purchase of high-quality products means your service level improves not only the guest experience but also your revenue. Therefore, it is a better investment both from an economic point of view for the operator and from a client’s experiential perspective.

Five reasons to invest in Lemi products

• Quality assurance

Lemi offers a warranty of up to 10 years, which is one of the longest on the market and underlines our quality commitment to you.


• 100% Made in Italy

Since 1989 we have designed, manufactured and controlled our entire production cycle from our factory.


• Tailor-made service

We satisfy any customisation requirements, from colour to size and bespoke features. All our equipment boasts exceptional design and meticulous finishing.


• Trusted for more than 30 years

With three decades of experience, we guarantee benefits for spa operators and therapists that no one else can offer.


• Lemi Lifetime Assistance

We can provide our customers with technical solutions and spare parts until the end of the product’s life cycle.

How can your equipment best support spas in streamlining their treatment offer and improving therapist wellbeing?

The multi-functionality of Lemi beds has always aimed to optimise the workspace while making it perfect for the practitioner. In fact, Lemi beds have a refined design from a safety point of view, too.

All our mattresses have perfectly rounded corners to allow therapists to move freely without bumping uncomfortably while delivering excellent treatments.

Moreover, electric height adjustment allows therapists of different statures to maintain a correct posture while performing their treatments. Finally, each of our bed structures is designed so that the practitioner can position their lower limbs and knees near the bed without hitting
the base.

Lemi's Verona and Verona EVO

Why should spa investors be thinking about Lemi as they plan for the future?

For the wellness sector as a whole, Lemi is confident that once the existing situation recedes there will be a strong need for people to reconnect with both their physical and mental wellbeing. This is why we will continue to study new ways to make our products safer and comfortable for guests and therapists, providing equipment that helps to make the spa experience more complete and unique.

Anyone using our products must be able to find themselves in a state of absolute relaxation, which is why Lemi constantly reinvents itself to create superior wellness paths that embrace all the senses.

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