Preidlhof launches new skincare line

By Wendy Golledge


By Wendy Golledge

22 November 2022

Italy’s Preidlhof, the holistic wellbeing destination spa in South Tyrol, which is renowned for its whole-person approach to wellbeing, has launched a new signature cosmetic line.

All-natural, environmentally friendly and vegan, Preidlhof Spa Skincare has been created by an all-female team of friends and professionals, each committed to clean, sustainable beauty.

Reflecting the wellness concept devised for 71-room Preidlhof by leading spa designer and transformational wellness coach, Patrizia Bortolin, Preidlhof Spa Skincare embraces biodiversity and respects the environment.

Preidlhof's environmentally friendly and vegan skincare line

Inspired also by her own needs, Bortolin created the products in collaboration with Francesca Di Lenardo, owner of Insium and Monia Segato, a marketing expert in the world of niche cosmetics.

“In creating this line for Preidlhof, I wanted to be able to apply it to my own skin as this is my weak point. It could only be a clean and vegan line, one that is essential, versatile, and effective,” explains Bortolin.

“It is characterised by a strong Mediterranean note, the same that you breathe here on the 46th parallel where Preidlhof is located.

“Like the resort, it promises a balance between hedonic and eudemonic wellbeing, pleasure and value, lightness and commitment.”

“The goal was not just to create effective skin care, but to tap into the essence of what nature can offer. We’ve created an organic and incredibly powerful cosmetic line, no compromise."

Patrizia Bortolin

Spa designer and transformational wellness coach

Concentrated botanical actives

After months of research by Preidlhof’s multigenerational wellness team, the final formulas have a high concentration of botanical and biotechnological active ingredients.

The products have been created using Plant Stem Cell Stimulation Technology, an innovative process that pushes the meristematic cells of the plant to overproduce bioactive compounds to further increase their effectiveness.

Functional ingredients include stem cells of chilli pepper, prickly pear seed extract and edelweiss.

A mix of fruits was added to the stem cells including organic grape skins from Emilia, Sicilian lemon, apples from Trentino and organic wheat bran from the Po Valley.

Preidlhof's garden spa
Preidlhof's garden spa at Hotel Südtirol

“We tried many versions of the products until we arrived at one that best embodies Preidlhof while also considering industry trends and consumers, who are increasingly more attentive to sustainability and performance, but don’t want to lose sensoriality,” explains Monia Segato.

The line consists of eight synergistic products – a cleansing milk and oil, a moisturising cream and serum, an illuminating mask, a multivitamin serum with vitamin C, an illuminating oil, a versatile nourishing butter and lastly, a moisturising spray essence.

Some products, such as the cleansing milk, are fragrance-free, while others have a light essence. There are no toxic chemical ingredients and manufacturing processes are eco-sustainable.

Preidlhof Spa Skincare
Preidlhof Spa Skincare by Patrizia Bortolin

Bortolin has also designed a facial treatment specifically for this new line.

Slow Facial is dedicated to those who love clean cosmetics and mindfulness. “It’s for people who think, like me, that a facial treatment can be more relaxing than a massage,” she says.

“The training is very original because our beauty needs to convey values ​​and attitudes in the application – not just resulting in luminous, renewed and cared for skin, but in a more radiant face and greater self-awareness as is the Preidlhof Way.”

The products will be available for purchase in the Preidlhof spa and on its website, as well as from other select retailers.

Find out more about the Preidlhof Way below


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