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Phytomer introduces Cyfolia Organic Radiance Plumping Facial

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

05 August 2021

Phytomer has introduced its Cyfolia Organic Radiance Plumping Facial, a spa treatment that harnesses the benefits of  algae harvested from the sea in Brittany, France.

The brand’s research and development team discovered that the iridescent fronds of sustainably sourced Cyfolia organic algae naturally diffuse light, working on the skin for an intensely radiant complexion.

Cyfolia Organic Radiance Plumping Facial features algae harvested from the sea

This scientific discovery is central to the relaxing face and eye contour treatment, which includes a sequence of rich, silky creams, refreshing lotions and a targeted facial massage with a tailor-made massage oil to promote naturally healthy skin, boosting hydration and radiance.

Cyfolia Organic Radiance Plumping Facial protocol

The treatment begins with a delicate eye makeup removal using a soft 100% natural Radiance Toning Cleansing Lotion with a natural scent of aloe vera, rose and cedarwood. The skin is then gently and thoroughly cleansed with Radiance Cleansing Cream.


The Radiance Exfoliating Cream, flecked with natural argan kernels and pomegranate seeds, then delicately polishes the skin and envelops it in its creamy and comfortable texture.


A 30-minute relaxing, plumping and revitalising eye contour and facial massage with Nourishing Massage Sap Oil follows, comforting and nurturing the skin.


The therapist then applies Moisturizing Radiance Enhancing Mask with organic Cyfolia algae and detoxifying red clays to boost hydration and comfort with its creamy rosée texture.


The organic Cyfolia experience concludes with the application of Hydra-Comforting Radiance Cream, which restores the complexion to its maximum radiance.

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