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Mynd launches mobile meditation space concept

New mobile wellness facility concept is set to bring calm and tranquility to a wider audience


By Mark Smith

20 August 2021

Mynd is set to launch its first a mobile meditation space in Cambridge in the UK, designed to bring calm and tranquility to a wider audience with its mix of mindfulness classes. Founder, Andrew Swiney has converted a lightweight towable shipping container into an elegant wellness-focused mindfulness studio. The interior consists of rustic reclaimed white pine wood at both ends, upcycled wooden benches and shelves, and indoor plants.

“I wanted to give people the opportunity to practise mindfulness in a calm environment that was away from any unnecessary distraction.”

Andrew Swiney

Founder, Mynd

The sound-proofed space is air conditioned ensuring that the temperature in the space is comfortable for particpants. Ample cushions and blankets offer comfort during each practice.

The qualified mindfulness teachers at Mynd guide short 10-minute sessions allowing individuals to fit a practice into their busy day. Away from any unnecessary distraction, this is believed to be an ideal environment to take a pause and help reset the mind. The sessions are booked as two-hour weekly blocks on a monthly subscription basis.

Be mindful...

For more information on the mindfulness services offered by Mynd, please click below


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