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Cozmetica partners with Beautiful Thinking on new Gaylia Kristensen meditative facial

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

06 May 2021

Cozmetica, the UK distributor of Gaylia Kristensen, has partnered with Beautiful Thinking on the Dreamtime Meditation Facial.

This deeply relaxing holistic facial features an exclusive guided meditation by Beautiful Thinking founder, Lizzie Falconer. Said to be a world-first mind therapy facial, the treatment has been developed to release all stress, anxiety and tension while leaving the client with younger looking skin.

The massage-based facial works to enhance muscle tone and stimulate collagen production, beginning with a foot ritual before moving up the body to the face, where a flowing facial massage takes place in sync with a meditation voiceover. The massage moves to the arms, hands and scalp for an immersive guest experience.

“The meditation takes clients into a deep meditative state and includes affirmations and positive thoughts which stay with the client long after the facial. It’s a treatment that goes on giving.”

Lizzie Falconer

Founder, Beautiful Thinking

Falconer’s recorded meditation features a soundtrack using binary beats said to have a positive impact on a cellular level, enabling the client to experience the soothing sounds of the Australia rainforest. Through breathing techniques and her refined vocal method, each guest is taken into a deeply relaxed state when the guided therapy concentrates on the inner self.

The Dreamtime Meditation Facial first launched at The Elms Hotel & Spa, Worcestershire.

Beautiful Thinking will be launching a meditation massage and meditation facial later in 2021, offering this highly personalised concept for spas to elevate their treatment protocol to a new level with the assistance of Falconer’s unique relaxation techniques.

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